Pandora Heart Charms

by lou16

Beautiful Pandora heart charms are a great was to let someone know that you love them.

Show someone you love them with a beautiful Pandora heart charm. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from that you're bound to find one that's just right.

Pandora beads are a great way to buy jewelry as you continually add charms to your collection. Most people I know wear Pandora bracelets and you can change the different charms out as you see fit thus creating a totally different look. Most people seem to have charms of all one color, but different hues, but I have seen some Pandora bracelets that are a riot of color so it really seems as though anything can go!

Show Someone You Love Them With a Pandora Heart

A great idea for someone new to Pandora charms is to buy them a single charm on a necklace.   These heart charms are ideal for this purpose.   This way they can decide what type of bracelets they want themselves.   I just have a black cord one myself.

Pandora heart charms make a great gift on a number of occasions - birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and other important dates like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.   You could even buy a Pandora charm out of the blue as a way of saying - hey you do know I love you don't you.

If you've looked to the right then you've seen that I've compiled a gorgeous selection of Pandora hearts for you to choose from.   These heart charms are gorgeous, aren't they?

I've included bright red, fun enamel love heart beads as well as sophisticated blue Swarovski heart beads.   There's a vintage style silver heart charm which is simply gorgeous as well as a gold, silver and Swarovski heart bead which has it's own charming style.


With the variety of styles available I'm confident that you'll find the perfect charm for the woman you love, personally I think the blue one is gorgeous, but I know one of my close friends would prefer the vintage silver one.

Remember you can give Pandora hearts to moms and daughters as well as romantic partners!   The bright red enamel hearts would certainly suit a daughter as it has a very youthful feel to it, don't you think?

Do You Have Any Pandora Beads?

My Pandora Beads Story

I've only recently discovered Pandora charms, I can't believe I was so behind with this trend as it's a lot of fun 'playing' with the charms and getting them into just the right order on your bracelet!   You can follow my Pandora awakening below -

Pandora charms are used to make unique pieces of beautiful jewelry which people around the world are falling in love with.
Updated: 07/20/2012, lou16
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