Paranormal Investigation? Equipment You Will Need to Go Ghost Hunting

by JoHarrington

It's all well and good visiting a haunted location, but for evidence you're going to need more than a story. Check out what you can take to capture proof of ghosts.

Paranormal shows fill our television screens. How often have you watched the formulaic presentation - the skeptic, the screamer, the technicians - and thought, 'I could do that!'

You don't need a film crew following you around, in order to go on a ghost hunt. You can check out a haunted house with a bunch of friends for the same effect. But that isn't half so much fun, unless you have the gadgets to go with it.

Have a look at the available ghost hunting equipment for your paranormal investigation.

Paranormal Investigator T-Shirt for Ghost-Hunters

Preparing for a Paranormal Investigation

You don't need any of this stuff.  People see, hear and sense ghosts all of the time and they don't happen to have a handy EMF meter on them. 

If all you want to do is have a supernatural encounter, then back out of this page right now.  Go somewhere haunted and wait.

Collected here are gadgets for ghost hunters, who specifically want evidence of all they've seen and heard.  They want to hear what the spirit has to say, or note how much heat energy is sucked into the manifestation. They're checking for magnetic fields and interference from other sources too.

They're not just heading out there for the ride, but to add a little professionalism into their paranormal investigation.  It's all about evidence and data!  It's about heading back from their trek around the spooky places with proof to show the rest of the world. Particularly the skeptical ones.

If that sounds like something you would do, then I've gathered together some of the most popular pieces of ghost hunting equipment on the market today. Come and take a look!

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with Ghost Tech

Ghost Tech: Ghost Hunting Starter Kit

This would make an excellent gift for someone interested in conducting their own paranormal investigations.

Do you know a budding ghost hunter?  You could save them having to collect equipment piece by piece with this starter kit for paranormal investigators.

Ghost Tech have collected together some of the most common gadgets.  They include an EMF meter, motion sensor, infra-red thermometer and an EVP listening device.

The whole kit comes complete with a guide to ghost hunting, which will teach them how to use each piece of equipment.  It also tells them why it's useful and how to interpret the readings.

All beautifully presented in a shiny carrying case!


Goggles to Photograph or Film Ghosts at Night

Good luck. This is the most difficult of all evidence to collect! They have to manifest and you have to have the right equipment and timing.

For no good reason that I can see, most ghost hunts seem to take place at night.  Perhaps it's because those involved have work or school during the daytime.  Maybe it's simply that the night renders it all much more atmospheric.

For the record, I've seen ghosts all of my life and the time of day makes no difference.  Darkness just renders it harder to see them.

However, if you must go clambering around haunted locations at midnight, then you'll want night vision.  At least your camera or camcorder will need to be able to work effectively in the darkness too.

That's where the Spy Net Ultra Night Vision goggles come in.  They're not the only piece of kit which would give you night vision, but they look really good!  As there are two different sellers vending them, I've included both, so you get two angles on what it looks like. 

The goggles were developed for people on night maneuvers - military people or those into war games and extreme sports - but they do just as well for ghost hunters.  The range is about 50ft and it takes clear images, whether photographed or filmed. 

Night Vision Goggles

Ultra Night Vision Goggles

Things to Watch Out For During your Ghost Investigation

Pareidolia is one of the great banes of paranormal research. It rears its ugly head most often in ghostly images, but can also strike during the investigation.
The paranormal can be scary, although most of the time it can be explained. As is often the case with ghostly photographs, they're digitally edited, but how can you tell?

Geo-Phone Paranormal Research Tool

Detect Vibrations From the Other Side

The 'other side' in this case may be six feet underground, or behind a wall.  If a poltergeist hurls a glass in the kitchen, you will know, even if you're in a bedroom upstairs.

The Geo-Phone picks up minute vibrations and transforms them into audible sound.  You will hear it through the ear-phones provided.

If someone goes missing, then this is a great gadget for search and rescue too.  Your ears may not pick up their calling, but the vibrations will be loud and clear through this nifty bit of kit. 

Of course, ghost hunters will be using it to discern soft foot-falls or voices too faint to be picked up even by EVP.

Conversations with the Dead via EVP

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is nothing new.  People have been experimenting with contacting the dead through white noise for years.

The Spirit Box is relatively new though.  It simplifies the process and it is developed specifically to boost the signal from the Otherworld.  It was invented by Gary Galka, of whom we will hear more about later.

Spirit Box P-SB7 for Ghost Hunting

Have we hacked into Heaven? The proponents of Electronic Voice Phenomenon claim that we have done just that; and conversations with the dead are the result.

How to Use an EMF Meter in a Ghost Hunt

It's probably not what you've been led to believe from all of the paranormal investigation shows on TV!

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exist naturally, all around us, every day.  It doesn't take a ghost to create one, nor even to disturb what's generally there. 

So why are ghost hunters so obsessed with monitoring such fluctuations in the force?

EMF Meters read the levels of such energy all around.  Anything around 2-7 miliGauss could arguably be a ghost passing by, but only as it's so low it's hard to pin-point another cause.

Mostly paranormal investigators use EMF Meters to determine what natural sources might be around to suggest a haunting.  High levels of EMF in a location have been known to cause hallucinations, feelings of dread, paranoia and other emotional side-effects often associated with seeing a ghost.

Did the hair stand up on the back of your neck?  Then it might be a spirit; or it might be a mobile 'phone tower sitting on top of the nearest hill.  A thunderstorm is a great natural source of electromagnetic energy too.   Remember how strange the air feels during one.  Any building with a build up of this energy would replicate the same sensation.

If you go crying ghost, then a Physicist turns up to discover that there's a generator sitting in the corner, you're going to look very silly.   Get an EMF Meter to determine what isn't a haunting, so that you're on safer ground when you do actually find a ghost.

EMF Meters for Paranormal Investigations

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

The TriField Meter is a Tri-Axis EMF meter (measuring from EMF from 3 directions simultaneously) and is the only EMF meter which offers magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave d...

View on Amazon

EMF Meter - 5 Year Warranty - Sper Scientific (Model 840045)

While the evidence of the carcinogenic effect of such electromagnetic emissions is still inconclusive, prudent avoidance is recommended to avoid excess exposure over long period...

View on Amazon

Lutron 822-A Fully Digital EMF Meter (Wide Range, High Resolution)

Rugged, Compact, & Lightweight Magnetic Field Meter Couldn't be easier to use, just turn it on and get accurate reliable readings. Perfect for situations needing high resolution...

View on Amazon

K-II EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting

A built in flashlight at no extra charge. Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are emitted by electrical devices of all types. EMFs are everywhere, originating from appliances, cell...

View on Amazon

Ghost Hunting with the Mel-8704

One of the most famous of all ghost hunting gadgets is the Mel-8704.  It is named after Melissa Galka, the deceased daughter of the man who invented it. 

But that is a story told below, so I won't repeat it here.

The Mel-8704 incorporates an EMF Tester.  It's made especially for paranormal investigators, so it also has some extras.  For a start, it can be used as a night-light in a darkened room!

It also measures temperature, which can be one of the strongest indications of a ghostly presence. How many times have you heard that the room went cold when a spirit was present?

Mel-8704 Paranormal 3 in 1 Ghost-Hunting Instrument

It took a personal tragedy to shift Gary Galka's attention towards the paranormal. Now he's using his engineering skills to speak with his deceased daughter.

Measure Cold Spots with a Thermometer

There's a school of thought that it's very difficult for people to communicate from the Other Side. It seems logical. If it was easy, then we wouldn't be able to move for them, as they far out-number the living.

It's also been noted that ghosts tend to be accompanied by cold spots.  Hence certain conclusions have been made that in attempting to manifest - visibly, audibly or as an emotion in the air - a lot of energy is needed. 

The best source of that is heat, hence the traditional coldness. It's nothing to do with the grave. It's all to do with trying to make contact!

HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer

Reports from a Paranormal Investigation

So now you have all of your gadgets, it's time to go ghost hunting!   Naturally you will need to take a notebook and pen with you too, so you can note down all that data.

Good luck with it all.  We'd love to hear from you, if you have seen a ghost or used any of the equipment on this page.  Please comment!

Famous Ghost Hunters and their Investigations

This Connecticut couple were the most famous ghost-hunters of the 20th century. Their career has been the subject of many books and films.
A poltergeist seemed intent upon burning down the MacDonald Farm in Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia. The scientific community sought urgent explanations.
Updated: 09/12/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 03/25/2013

If there was a big group of you, it would be fun. I'm glad that you liked it!

Pinkchic18 on 03/25/2013

I would be much too scared to ever try this!! Great article here!

JoHarrington on 03/07/2013

Most of them haunt the places where they lived. I've been to many, many haunted locations in my time without bringing one home. And if you did, then I'd be here to advise. :)

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2013

There's a paranormal association here in Louisville. I've thought of volunteering for them, but I'm afraid I might bring a ghost home with me.

JoHarrington on 03/07/2013

Nice one! Do you use any of the equipment above or do you just go and generally check places out?

GigglesandWiggles on 03/06/2013

I really get into all this stuff. I loved it!

JoHarrington on 03/06/2013

Me and HollieT have already been planning to go ghost hunting!

EliasZanetti on 03/06/2013

Interesting stuff! You'll never know when this equipment might come handy!

JoHarrington on 03/02/2013

I'd love to do a full blown investigation, with equipment and the such. It looks like fun!

MonisMas on 03/02/2013

I have never done this, but it sure seems interesting, and scary :-)

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