Party Balloons Make a Party Special

by blackspanielgallery

Party balloons are festive decorations, and can make a party special. This is especially true of a party for children.

Large, inflated balloons can be matched to the theme of a party for children or even to an adult party. There are an abundance of balloons that can captivate the attendees of your party. If the party has a theme, look for one or more balloons that match that theme. The variety is great, so finding a special balloon is easy. Even licensed characters are available in balloon form. So, first select a theme, then search for a decorative balloon.

Balloons Require Inflation

One thing that is necessary is helium.  Air simply will not do.  Helium makes the balloon float, not just lie there.  And helium is safe from explosion because helium will not burn, so there is no problem with using it in a balloon.


Decorative balloons can be easily found, but do not expect them to come already filled with helium.  Helium is a very light gas, and can eventually work its way through the balloon itself, so the balloon cannot be expected to stay inflated for weeks.  Having one shipped for future use requires that it be filled after delivery.


One thing one should not do is inhale helium to change one’s voice.  While this might have a comic effect, it can be harmful.  



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Weight Your Balloons

The other thing a balloon requires is something like a bag of sand to weight it down, otherwise it will float away.  Of course the weight does not have to be a bag of sand, but must be heavy enough to keep the balloon from lifting off.

Disney Party Balloons

There are many Disney party balloons available.  Some of the more popular Disney themes that can be supported by a large balloon, or a set of balloons including the Disney Princesses, Frozen, Cars, and Planes.  Then there are the always popular Disney characters that serve so well as party themes.  Mickey Mouse is perhaps the best known, but several different characters are available.


Imagine the faces on the children when a large Olaf or Mickey Mouse floats about.  The reaction will be priceless, so keep the camera ready. 

Pirate Balloons

Pirates are popular, whether it is Pirates of the Caribbean or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Either way, a generic pirate balloon will do well, and fit in with the other decorations.  In fact, pirate theme parties are good for a costume event.  But the decorations add so much, and a balloon flying above a table is so easily seen.  A pirate balloon would add so much to a pirate party, regardless of the prates, or even if the party theme is generic pirates. 

Superheroes Balloons

Superheroes are also a good theme, especially for children who feel that they are too old for a Disney party.  With superheroes it is likely that more than one superhero will be represented on the balloons.  If you search hard enough you can find individual superhero balloons, but a superhero party is more likely to be a costume party with the children wearing a multitude of costumes.  So focus on an individual superhero might not be the best choice.  

Superhero Balloon

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Giant Balloons

Some characters require balloons that are larger than normal.  A Large balloon that is just heavy enough to not float away can be interacted with in a manner that will cause it to move about.  These can offer a greater dimension to the party, guests and character interaction. 


Some characters are so significant that these larger balloons of the special characters are available.  In particular, Mickey Mouse is the best known Disney character, so it is not surprising he has a large balloon.     Spiderman is also important enough to have his own larger than normal balloon.

Balloons for Weddings and More

Birthdays are not the only celebrations that balloons can enhance.  Transparent balloons that have colored confetti and swirls encased within are sold for weddings.  Of course you can use them for other occasions.  Perhaps a shower, or even a party such as a New Year’s Eve event.  Inflate these and float them above the guests, and the party will be significantly enhanced.

Halloween Balloons


Scary balloons are sold for Halloween, but teens and many adults are apt to enjoy having spooky balloons at any gathering.  There are many to choose from.  In fact, some come in larger sets of related scary balloons.  Others are individual balloons, just as those for the characters.  Pick the right one or several for your party.

Sporting Events and Teams

There are balloons for tailgating parties or for other game day parties.  These are matched to the teams, and exist for major sports.  Of course a sports fan would enjoy a team balloon even at a birthday party.  

Get Creative

Be creative and use balloons where they can fit in.  Just because a balloon is designed for one type of gathering does not preclude using it for another.  Let the imagination go and design a fun party.


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blackspanielgallery on 03/28/2022

Eventually a balloon comes down. Helium escapes thrugh the walls of the balloon, but often a balloon goes so high it expands in lower pressure until it bursts. Regardless, when a balloon comes down it is a danger to wildlife, whether land creatures or aquatic life.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/28/2022

Re-visiting this wizzley called to mind something that I had meant to ask you when I first read it.

An article about what children can do to help Planet Earth on (and off!) Earth Day included making sure not to let go of balloons. That's a tough one, because it's so fun to watch the balloons going horizontally in breezes and vertically on calmer days.

What would you say to persuade someone (child -- or otherwise ;-D) not to let go of a balloon?

blackspanielgallery on 06/20/2017

Thanks. I bet many people order balloons and are surprised when they are not inflated.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/20/2017

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the reminder about helium, as opposed to air, and weights. The confetti and swirl balloons are attractive while the sports balloons seem timeless, timely and trendy.

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