Personal Development for Smart People

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A review of the book - Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina.

Personal Development for Smart People?

A book by Steve Pavlina

 Who is smart?  And who decides?  It does not really matter, I suppose, because this book is written for everyone. Well, I must qualify that a little, it is written for everyone interested in learning to live deliberately.


If your idea of living just involves you doing the bare minimum you can to get by or just letting life happen to you, then I suppose this book is not for you.  You would unfortunately fall within the ‘not so smart’ people. 

However, have no fear; you do not have to remain living with that frame of mind.  You too can become a smart person if you so choose.  It is a new year - not that that matters so much, every day is a new day and you can choose to live deliberately. 


The 3 Principles of Personal Development

According to Steve Pavlina

This book is based on a few principles mainly Truth, Love and Power.  In the first half of the book, the author goes into an explanation of the principles and then he tries to go into practical applications.





This section deals with how your beliefs can serve or hinder you in the walk through life.  Truth for you will be different than it is for someone else, however, we must each take responsibility for making sure that the beliefs we let stay in our mind actuay build us up rather than cause us to fall into apathy.





Learning to associate with things that inspire you and resonate with you rather than sticking with the status quo.  This helps you to live a life you love and enjoy.


There is a saying that perfect love casts out fear; If we are fearful of distancing ourselves from a certain friendship or situation, then it may be that we are not living in love.  The book goes into further detail on this.




Each one of us has the power to change our life but no one says it will be easy.  However choosing to do the difficult thing does increase our personal power.  We learn that we are capable and that we can do that which we fear.





This book is amazing in most respects but a few things bring it down, such as a lack of an index so you cannot just jump to a relevant area easily.

 It is not always the most practical of books, in that some of the exercises are interesting such as learning to feel love for a pen!  Strange concept to me personally but it may help some others who like to feel connected to every part of the universe.



The Book - Personal Development for Smart People?

On the other hand, if he had included a wealth of prescriptive methods that I did not think about but just went along with doing, where would the personal growth actually be as I just did what I was told? I would just be transferring my power to him, an author I do not even know.

This book causes you to think, really think about the actions you take every day.  Yes, it may not all be to your taste but the principles you get out of it make it worth the time you spend with it.

The Personal Development for Smart People Book

Personal Development for Smart People

Despite promises of “fast and easy” results from slick marketers, real personal growth is neither fast nor easy. The truth is that hard work, courage, and self-discipline are ...

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