Pet Star Wars Costumes for Halloween

by blackspanielgallery

Pets wearing costumes has been going on for years, and this adds to the Halloween experience. Now, Star Wars costumes for dogs are available for many characters.

Some people bring the family dog along as they go out to trick or treat. This could be as protection as the family walks along at night, or it could be to keep the pet calm. A constant ringing of the doorbell can easily agitate a pet, so having the pet out may solve this problem. Unfortunately, cats do not do well wearing anything, but dogs, especially a dog accustomed to wearing a dog sweater in the winter, are more accepting of a pet costume.

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Star Wars Dog Costume, Yoda

Star Wars is a popular topic, and if your family is dressing as Star Wars characters consider a Star Wars costume fitting your dog into the theme.  Remember, Yoda is small in statue, so a Yoda costume is appropriate.   The ears really make the costume work, but it does require cooperation from your dog.  

Star Wars Dog Costume, R2D2

If a family member is dressing as Yoda it might be that you only want one Yoda in the group.  Well, why not opt for a nice CR2D2 dog costume?  Yes, R2D2 costumes are also available, and this is another easily recognized Star Wars character.  

Star Wars Dog Costume, Princess Leia

If your dog is female and you are hoping for a female Star Wars character, consider a Princess Leia dog costume.  This is basically a white costume in the spirit of the normal garb worn by Princess Leia.  The arms are fake, so if your dog is likely to chew the arms that are hanging you might choose another costume.

Star Wars Dog Costume, Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a character that is easily recognized.  He also gives a frightening appearance, which is great for a Halloween costume.  The Darth Vader costume is very appropriate for a night out on Halloween.

Star Wars Dog Costume, Jedi Knight

A Jedi Knight wears a brown robe, so pulling of the Jedi Knight look is easy.  There were a number of Jedi in Star Wars, so having a generic Jedi costume is acceptable, even if you have a person dressing as a particular Jedi in the same group as the dog.  

Star Wars Dog Costume, Ewok

Pet Ewok Costume

An Ewok is a furry creature, and quite lovable.  If your dog would look better dressed as a creature from a distant galaxy consider the Ewok costume.  Ewoks are brown, so this might have a really good match to a brown dog, but it can be worn by any color that your dog happens to be.

Star Wars Dog Costume, Bantha

The bantha is an animal from far away that could be ridden into battle.  This costume comes with a rider, making it quite impressive looking.  If you want a fierce look consider the bantha costume for your dog.

Color Matching

You certainly do not want do dye your dog, and the face will always be evident, so choose a costume that is color compatible with your pet for the best effect.  

Pet Costumes Are Inexpensive

Most pet costumes cost little, so why not have some fun?

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Updated: 10/18/2019, blackspanielgallery
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Veronica on 10/08/2015

TY I didn't know about this spray . I wonder if it's available in the UK .

blackspanielgallery on 10/08/2015

I believe you can spray flame retardant onto fabric. Very good point. Halloween should be safe.

Veronica on 10/08/2015

Halloween costumes A cautionary tale

Halloween costumes for children although they often pass national safety standards do no pass clothes safety standards . They pass the safety standards for toys NOT clothes and can go up in flames in seconds, killing or burning a child very severely. Please check labels on your own and your children's Halloween costumes. Do they pass toy safety standards or clothes safety standards ? In Uk, these standards are not the same.

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