Pets on Vacation

by Gardenbella

Travelling with a pet can be a challenge but if you have the right equipment such as pet carriers and car seat covers it doesn't have to be a major problem.

In the past when I traveled I always left my pet boarded at a local kennel. Now it is much more convenient to take them with me when I can because there are all sorts of handy pet carriers and car seat covers that keep them safe.

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the park or doing chores or even enjoying a cross-country drive you can make sure you keep your pets safe.

There are a lot of innovative and drool-worthy pieces to help you pamper your pet both on the road and when you've reached your destination.

There are practical but comfy seat covers and cozy crates to everything in between. You will even find a pet play pen which is great to use when staying at a hotel. or other places that aren't familiar to your animal.

It's a little known fact that one in three family pets gets lost during its lifetime, and approximately 9 million pets enter shelters each year.

That's why it's a wonderful thing to get your pet microchipped and registered with your contact information because then they can be located and the owners can track where their pets are.

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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your pet doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience especially if you make sure you know how to take care of them. Traveling by plane with a pet is a different proposition than traveling by car and not every pet is well suited to travel. With a few tips on preparation however, both you and your pet can have a comfortable journey.

If you have a pet that is easy stressed, then perhaps it is a good idea to leave them at home with a care giver or at a kennel. As well you won't have to worry about them as much or deal with problems such as digestive problems.

If you are traveling by airplane, it is a good idea to try to come up with every possible situation that could go wrong and make sure you are prepared to handle the situation.

Here are Some Tips on How to Travel with Your Pet

  • Purchase a Dog Carrier: get the best one you can afford, one that is will stand up to some rough handling.
  • Add a Strong Lock: you will want a sturdy lock so the carrier won't come open unexpectedly.
  • Get Your Pet Use to the Carrier: this is a good idea especially is your pet will be on a long flight. One way to do this is to place your pet in the carrier and then take them for short car rides. As well leave them in the carrier for short periods of time to make them feel it is a safe place for them to be for periods of time.
  • Pet ID Tag: make sure you pet has their name, your name and address on them and on the carrier.
  • What to Take with Your Dog: you will need to check with the airline to confirm what you can take with your pet such as water and food. Make sure you have paper towels or disposable bags for accidents.
  • Pet Microchip: you can have a microchip embedded in your pet. This is a great idea because should you pet escape from their carrier, the chip will help to identify them.
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