Phantom of the Opera Water Globes

by JoHarrington

Beautiful gift ideas for Phantom of the Opera fans. Collectors of memorabilia from the musicals will be sure to find a place on their shelves for these Phantom water globes.

'Phantom of the Opera' is by far the most successful stage show of all time.

Since its 1986 launch in London's West End, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation of Gaston LeRoux's classic novel has been performed in globally.

Theater-goers in 145 cities, across twenty-seven countries, have thrilled to the dark romance between Christine and the masked figure haunting the shadows of a Parisian opera-house.

With over 130 million tickets sold (and rising), there are plenty of 'Phantom' fans out there. Looking to buy a present for one of them? These water globes might hit the right note.

Glass Dome Ornamental Gifts for Phantom Fans

Collectors of Phantom of the Opera memorabilia can rejoice in the fact that there are some truly exquisite water globes out there.

As befits a homage to Broadway's longest-running show, the craft-work on these featured Phantom ornaments are divine.

There is a keen attention to detail, as the artists know that their pieces are destined to enter the homes of proper fans. People who will know every detail of each scene depicted.

There are Phantom inspired water globes to suit every taste. Both stationary and rotating ornaments, rendered in plastic or resin; some playing music, others not. The glitter rain within can be plain silver or in a rainbow of colors. Check them out, that's all I ask of you.

Phantom and Christine Mirror Scene Water Globe

Christine's father promised her that he'd send her the Angel of Music. Therefore it was an easy mistake to make, when a seemingly preternatural being took an interest in her singing, to assume that he was one and the same.

The general effect was particularly enhanced by the fact that there was nothing to see during their first encounters. The Phantom took the form of an apparently disembodied voice, tutoring chorus girl Christine within the confines of her tiny bedroom.

How was she to know that her full-length mirror concealed a hidden entrance?

With a resin base and a glass dome, this 6" high water globe captures the moment when that secret mirror door was opened. Her Angel of Music thus revealed, Christine was already groomed to perfection to enter into the most dangerous romance of her life.

Disturb the globe and iridescent flakes dance against its dark background, like a little metaphor for Christine herself.

Phantom Stepping Through the Mirror Water Globe

Phantom of the Opera in the Mirror Water Globe

An alternative to the Phantom and Christine glitter-dome, this one shows only the man himself. He reaches out to invite the viewer into his lair.

Is that Christine, or is it you?

Taller than the one above, this Phantom water globe stands at 6.75". The black base, with its gold trim, is crafted from poly-resin, with a glasswork dome attached.

When shaken, square sparkle flakes rain down upon the scene. The globe doesn't rotate, but the piece does play Music of the Night, when a key is wound.

Phantom of the Opera Music of the Night Water Globe

Standing 5.75" high, this Music of the Night Phantom Water Globe rains glitter when shaken.

The Phantom glitter-dome recalls one of the most memorable tunes from the musical. Music of the Night comes at the moment of Christine's greatest peril.

After her shadowy stalker has lured her into his lair beneath the opera house, he sings this to induce a kind of trance-like wonder in the teenager. Christine doesn't even resist, as he hands her off the boat towards her first glimpse of the carefully prepared Fate in store for her.

There's an even stranger connection in real life. It's well known that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote his musical adaptation, as a West End vehicle for his wife Sarah Brightman. She was the first ever Christine.

Less publicized is the fact that Music of the Night pre-dates the show by several years. On the night that Andrew met Sarah, he returned home all inspired.  An early version of this song was the result.

It's a little bit creepy, when you contemplate that for too long! But she did marry him, and he did make her a star...

Music of the Night from the 2004 Film Version of Phantom

Gerard Butler as the Phantom entrances Emmy Rossum's Christine.

Mask and Rose Phantom Water Globe

Music of the Night features in this water globe from Phantom of the Opera too. There's a wind up key concealed underneath, which causes the song to play.

Standing six inches high, upon a gold and black resin base, the ornament features two familiar icons from the show.

The Phantom is in the habit of wearing a white opera mask to cover his damaged features. He also leaves headless roses for sopranos that he considers not up to scratch.

But Christine Daaé got a red rose, and that changed everything.

Phantom of the Opera Water Globe - Mask

Phantom and Christine Rotating Water Globe

This rotating Phantom of the Opera water globe depicts the moment when the Phantom steps out of the shadows. He engages Christine in a powerful duet, which culminates in an actual embrace.

Can we say sexual tension? Or are we sticking with 'what sweet seduction lies before us'?

Standing 5.75" the Christine and Phantom water globe cascades multi-colored flakes when disturbed. A feat easy to create, as the glass ornament slowly spins, while playing Music of the Night.

Music of the Night Phantom Water Globe

Phantom Water Dome - Music of the Night

A variation on a theme of the Music of the Night glass dome already shown above, this Music of the Night scene includes a burning candlestick.

(I was reading last week that one should always be very precise, when describing things for purchase; avoiding all ambiguity and assuming that your readers are quite intellectually challenged.

I've never bothered with that before, but let's give it a try: the candlestick isn't really ablaze. It's plastic and inside a globe filled with water.

Mmmm... you know, I think my readers are way too savvy to justify this. I'll just ignore that advice.)

Phantom of the Opera Memories Water Globe

I debated whether this water globe of the monkey music box from Phantom of the Opera belonged at the beginning or the end. It's kind of both, isn't it?

Entitled Memories, with very good reason as fans of the show know, it represents a kinder, gentler side to the Phantom. Encapsulated in the clockwork movements of the monkey's cymbals, and the music too, are hints of innocence. The once innocent boy, who grew through trauma to become the Phantom.

Or could perhaps be redeemed by the love of Christine.  Or further lost to the shadows.

The largest water globe inspired by Phantom of the Opera, it's 7" tall. The ornate black, gold and red base was crafted from resin. Colorful iridescent flakes rise into a frenzy, when the Phantom monkey water globe is shaken.

Quite fittingly, there is a key to wind this one up. Like all of the rest, the glitter-dome plays Music of the Night.

Thinking that the clockwork monkey would have been even more perfectly rendered as a music box? Well, it has...
Perfect gifts for Phantom fans, or table decorations for Phantom of the Opera themed parties. Come on and embrace the music of the night.
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JoHarrington on 02/17/2014

Have you seen it live? If so, I'm very, very jealous!

Tolovaj on 02/17/2014

It's a classic. Great to see the story is still going strong:)

JoHarrington on 02/17/2014

I would REALLY like to see it on stage. I've seen the stage-show televised and all of the films. I've read the book. But every time I attempt to see it performed, something goes wrong. It's been on my bucket list for YEARS!

Ember on 02/17/2014

Some of these are really pretty. I always liked the movie, but I've never seen it on stage, I think that'd be fun :)

Is this a favorite of yours?

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