Pink Hammer Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

There's nothing quite like a pink hammer - tools for women. The five best pink hammers, reviewed and compared.

For all the women construction workers, home improvement enthusiasts, avid do-it-yourself types and crafters - here's a good selection of pink tools with one thing in common ... each one is a fine example of a pink hammer.

All are well made built-to-last types, range in sizes from small up to heavy duty and come in a variety of models - ball peen hammers, claw hammers and general purpose models. They come from a range of well known manufacturers - Stanley Tools and Tomboy Tools to name but two.

The five best pink hammers are featured below - they're all best sellers, popular, user friendly and offer good value for money. And they definitely won't be borrowed by the boys.

The Original Pink Box PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer

This is the best selling pink hammer and besides the obvious aesthetic appeal - it actually does a fine job when it comes to striking and extracting. A claw hammer by design, the grip is comfortable, courtesy of a rubber jacket around the lower shaft, and the head is heavy grade tempered steel.

This one's a 12oz hammer, heavy enough to tackle most jobs but still light enough for smaller tasks. Whether or not the hot pink color makes it look it - this is a pro grade hammer that can hang with the boys toys with pride. A good looking hammer, well designed - a bargain at under 10 bucks.

6 in 1 Silk Flower Hammer & Screwdriver Tool for Her

Ok - this isn't exactly a pink hammer and is nearer to floral and in truth its a small tool set for ladies but - it still won't accidentally find itself in the bottom of a guys tool bag. The set includes a 5oz claw hammer, a one flat-head screwdriver and a philips screwdriver with two extra philips heads.

All the tools, hammer included, are manufactured out of heavy grade tempered steel, with the hammer having a rather fetching silk screen floral design laid over the upper shaft and head. At 50z you won't be tearing down trees with it but it will stand up to light work and crafting projects. A great little set, certain to be a real crowd pleaser with the ladies - and the price tag is awesome.

6 in 1 Silk Flower Hammer & Screwdriver Tool for Her

This lightweight hammer packs a punch. With 1 Phillips and 3 flat head screwdrivers conveniently stored away in its handle, this tool will cover a variety of your basic ...

Only $12.69

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Apollo Precision Tools DT0240P 4-Piece Stubby Set, Pink

This is another small pink ladies tool set - but it does include the obligatory pink hammer. The whole set is small and compact - great for small hands and tight spaces. It contains an 8oz mini claw hammer, an adjustable wrench and one philips and one flat-head screwdriver.

They'Re all crafted out of carbon steel that's been heat treated for better durability and each on has a handle that's encased in a striking hot pink and black rubberized cushion - which makes for a good, comfortable grip. The hammer is pretty good in relation to its size - when tested it drove in a couple of dozen nails into two-by with ease, and extracted them just as easily. Quality tool kit, pink - and less than 15 bucks all in.

Apollo Precision Tools DT0240P 4-Piece Stubby Set, Pink

You'll hit the nail on the head with this Apollo Precision Tools 4-pc. stubby tool set. Apollo Precision Tools will donate a portion of purchase proceeds to The Breast Cancer ...

Only $14.89

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TomBoy Tools 13oz Magnetic Pink Hammer

This is a Tomboy Tools pink hammer - a well put together ladies hand tool that looks great yet possesses all the function you'd expect from any other good quality claw hammer. The head is a solid heavy duty steel construction, the handle and shaft are reinforced fiberglass.

The handle is encased in a cushioned rubber grip, which comes in a combination of pink and black. In hand it has the balance you would expect of a 13oz hammer, and striking and extracting nails are exactly as you'd expect - it's hard hitting and capable. The head is also magnetic - a handy feature and yes - it works just fine. Good looking hammer, does what it's supposed to do - and under 15 dollars.

TomBoy Tools 13 oz Magnetic Pink Hammer

This 13 oz special edition Pink Hammer is made of high quality fiberglass and steel. The handle has a rubber grip for comfort and safety. The magnetic head has a notch that ...

Only $24.99

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Flower Tools Gift Set

Again - not exactly a pink hammer but this attractive little tool set for women is hardly going to find its way into the hands of your average man so it qualifies to be featured right here. It is on the best seller list, it is a popular small tool kit and it is indeed practical, handy and well made.

The set includes a 5oz claw hammer, a decent utility knife and a multi-use screwdriver - two phillips bits, two flat-head bits and you can further use the handle to drive nuts. The hammer is constructed out of heavy duty steel, with a silk screen floral print over the head and upper shaft. The set is useful, can be used for a range of lightweight tasks and is good value for money. Tools for girls - and all for ten dollars. Bargain.

Flower Hand Tools Set

Each Flower Tools Gift Set includes a utility knife with retractable blade, 6 in 1 screwdriver, and 5 oz. claw Hammer with screwdriver inside. Floral patterns and colors will ...

Only $38.95

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Updated: 03/01/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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Digby_Adams on 03/01/2012

Oh wow, I have pink tools. I get one each year for Valentine's Day. It's my husband's idea of a romantic yet practical gift. I love my pink hammer. I used it just recently to help patch a hole in our roof. Just because tools are pink, doesn't mean they aren't serious.

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