Pink Tourmaline Jewelry Has a Special Beauty

by blackspanielgallery

Tourmaline has a unique crystal structure, so it facets into uniquely beautiful jewelry. The pink tourmaline is frequently used and the gemstones in the pieces are fantastic.

Tourmaline is an often ignored gemstone, but some tourmaline pieces are incredibly beautiful. The stones have a translucence and are colored in many hues. Watermelon tourmaline is colored green on one end and pink on the other end, or pink inside of green. These bicolored crystals give a unique appearance to the gemstone.

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Tourmaline Crystals

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone with a triangular prism crystal.  The three sides often have striated faces that are curved.  Tourmaline is a boron silicate chemically.  The color of tourmaline depends on the impurity it contains.   The color possibilities include black, dark yellow o brownish black, red and pinkish red, light blue, green, and clear.  

Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

Pink, in fact a pink that is close to purple, is the color of tourmaline from which many jewelry pieces are made.  The result is an attractive stone, with an ability to allow light to pass through it.  The translucence is what really makes the stones interact with light, and the stones can be faceted which when done causes light to exit the stone in many different directions.  The result is a gleaming piece that can really catch the eye.

Pink Tourmaline Pendants

Pink tourmaline jewelry can be found in use in pendants of rather large stones suspended from a chain.  Tourmaline stones can be quite large. 


An abundance of pendants are available, and would make a nice gift for a lady over the holidays or for any other occasion.  The tourmaline alone makes quite a spectacular showing, but other gems can be added to enhance the tourmaline even more.

Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink tourmaline earrings are also easily found, and also can make an excellent gift.  The earrings are really special if enhanced with opals, diamonds or some other high quality gemstone.  Tourmaline earrings also make excellent gift choices.

Pink Tourmaline Rings

Rings of pink tourmaline come in a multitude of styles, some of which have companion gemstones.  Other rings incorporate several different color tourmaline stones into a beautiful cluster allowing the contrasting colors to show off each stone’s beauty.  Rings require knowing finger size of the person who will wear the ring.  If this is to be a gift, the surprise element may be lost when inquiring as to the finger size.  And remember, a tourmaline ring might be worn on any finger, which will impact the size needed.

Multiple Colors of Tourmaline

Consider the beauty of a necklace or bracelet made of different color tourmaline stones that are strung together and arranged by color.  Each of the pieces shown are fantastic pieces.  The different hues make a visual impact on anyone gazing upon this piece of jewelry.

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Updated: 10/08/2015, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 10/26/2015

I like them all. But it is best if everyone has a preference.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/26/2015

blackspanielgallery, The bracelet and necklace are particularly attractive -- and educational ;-D -- in showing the different colors that tourmaline can assume.

blackspanielgallery on 10/13/2015

It actually comes in almost every color, but pink seems to be the most popular.

CruiseReady on 10/11/2015

I really like the paler pink tourmaline stones. They have a sweet and delicate appearance to them.

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