Pinkalicious a Wonderful Book Series for Children

by ThePartyAnimal

Come along as I share with you some Pinktastic Facts and some of the fun Pinkalicious Merchandise that will tickle you pink.


Who is this Pinkalicious?

Pinkalicious is the star of a wonderful Children's Book Series written and illustrated by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann. Little girls everywhere are Tickled PINK by the story of this little girl, Pinkalicious, who loves all things Pink and even turns herself Pink after eating too many Pink Cupcakes. Can you imagine?

There have been many books written in this series that take children through many adventures with PInkalicious and her friends in these well written and illustrated books..

You will also find that Pinkalicious has become so popular with little girls that there is quite a bit of Pinkalicious Merchandise on the market as well. Everything from Sticker Books, Dolls, Board Games, Music CD's, Party Supplies to Bedding and it is all PINK of course !!

Have you heard of Pinkalicious Before?

Pinkalicious - The First Book

Pinkalicious comes to life in her very first story - the book is called Pinkalicious of course. It is about a young girl who loves Pink Cupcakes and one day she eats way too many and finds the next morning that she has turned Pink herself. Her doctor diagnoses her with Pinkititis and wants her to eat more Green colored food to get better. Of course when her parents are not looking she just cannot resist those Pink Cupcakes and eats another to only find out she has now turned the color Red. So she chokes down some Green Vegetables like the doctor said and finally turns back to her normal color.

Then her Daddy sees the Pink Cupcakes are now all gone and it seems that the one who ate them is her little brother who of course is now Pink.

The book is a wonderful fun story that the kids loves to hear and read and the illustrations are just as good - I love how Whimsical and fun all the drawing are on each and every page. If this is a story your children have not enjoyed yet than I suggest they do - you will also enjoy it.

Listen to the Pinkalicious Story:

Purplicious Book

Pinkalicious takes on the color Purple. Everyone knows PInkalicious loves the color Pink, but one day in school her friends start to make fun of her. They say things to her her like Pink is for Babies. Pinkalicious does not think so, but then her friends stop playing with her. They say the new in color is Black. Does she stay true to her Favorite Color or change to what others think she should like?

This book is about believing in yourself and standing up for what you believe in. You will have to read it to see how it ends.....

Goldilicious Book

In this book you get to meet Goldilicous her pet unicorn, which she calls Goldie for short. Kids get to follow along in their adventures as Goldilicious protects Pinkalicious from her younger brother, Peter and his evil wizardy. KIds will love all the adventures this book has to offer and they will also fall in love with this roller-skating, kite-flying, high-jumping unicorn.


In this book Pinkalicious loses one of her teeth. It is not just any tooth it happens to be her Sweet Tooth. So no she cannot taste any of the sweet things shes loves. So she writes a letter to the Tooth Fairy, but first she hears back from the Easter Bunny, Cupid and a Christmas Elf. Eventually the Tooth Fairy gets back to her and shows her where sweetness really comes from. It is a sweet story that teaches kids sweetness comes form inside.

Pinkalicious Books Available

There are many Pinkalicious Books on the market and new ones still coming.  I have watched this series grow over the years and I love that because little girls love these stories. Getting little ones to love a book series will get them wanting to read more. So I say bring it on and keep them coming !!

I love that you can now find Pinkalicious I Can Read Books for when they can start reading on their own. I love that !!

Here is a list of the Pinkalicious Books currently available:

  • Pinkalicious
  • Purplicious
  • Goldilicious
  • Silverlicious
  • Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink
  • Pinkalicious Tickled Pink
  • Pinkalicious the Perfectly Pink Collection
  • Pinkalicious the Princess of Pink Treasury
  • Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin
  • Pinkalicious Pink of Hearts
  • Pinkalicious and the Pink Hat Parade

Here is a list of the Pinkalicious I Can Read Books currently available:

  • Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise
  • Pinkalicious the Pinkeriffic Playdate
  • Pinkalicious Pink around the Rink
  • Pinkalicious School Rules
  • Pinkalicious the Princess of the Pink Slumber Party
  • Pinkalicious Soccer Star
  • Pinkalicious Pink-a-Rama

Now don't be surprised if your little girl wants to turn everything around your home pink after reading all of these books. That is a lot of PINK books.

Did you know there is a line of Pinkalicious Furniture?

This Pinkalicious Bedroom Furniture is a must have for little girls who love the story of Pinkalicious.
Pinkalicious Birthday Party

Pinkalicious Birthday Party

If you are thinking about planning a Pinkalicious Birthday party based on this book series then stop by my party blog where I show you lots of fun ideas to help in the planning process.

Stop by and take a look here:

Pinkalicious Birthday Party Theme


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