Pinkie Cooper Jet Set Dolls and Pets

by fitzcharming

Meet Pinkie Cooper - an English Cocker Spaniel doll and her friends Ginger Jones and Pepper Parson. Get ready for cuteness overload as you learn about them and their Jet Set Pets.

Pinkie Cooper and her friends are 9" dolls from The Bridge Direct. They are part dog part human and guaranteed to capture your heart. Each doll is modeled after an English Spaniel. They are designed by Carter Bryant, the original creator of Bratz dolls, and Pinkie is named after his sisters real dog. Pinkie has a couple of friends named Ginger Jones and Pepper Parson. And each girl has her own pet pup with big personalities. Lets meet the girls.

Pinkie Cooper Dolls Are For Sale Starting in August 2013

Pinkie Cooper Dolls

I found my Pinkie Cooper doll at Target the other day along with her 2 best friends Ginger Jones and Pepper Parson. Being the doll collector that I am of course I scooped up all three.  My dolls don't have the pets included but there are sets that come with a doll and a pet.  You can also buy separate fashions. 

At 9 inches tall they are smaller than Barbie dolls. They bend at the neck, elbows, legs, and there are internal click knee joints.  Their bodies are hard plastic but their limbs are very bendable rubber.  No way they can stand up on their own, and they don't come with a stand.  That's a disappointment.  My pictures were taken with them leaning against a wall.  Everything else about them I love.

These girls have big beautiful painted inset eyes and rooted lashes. Each doll has ears that can come off and mix and match with the other dolls. They have pegs attached to them and the doll's head has holes on the sides.  The ears have 2 colors so you can flip sides and have either color facing forward for a different look.  Here's a shot of Ginger without her ears.  I think her bald head is adorable too.

Ginger Jones Ears
Ginger Jones Ears

Can Peteena Poodle Join The Fun?

Peteena Poodle

My vintage Peteena Poodle doll from 1966 is also 9 inches tall. I'll bet they will all end up being good friends. Pinkie and her friends are fashion designers (aren't all dolls these days?) so they can help Peteena with a wardrobe makeover.  Peteena may be close to 50 but she still loves to be stylish.  One is never to old to look great.

This is an older picture of Peteena. She's currently in the process of getting a re-root with long white soft saran hair. She will look more modern when it's finished.

Pinkie Cooper - Pepper Parson - Ginger Jones Best Friends Forever

Pinkie Cooper - Pepper Parson - Ginger Jones
Pinkie Cooper - Pepper Parson - Ginge...

The Pinkie Cooper Storyline

Pinky and Ginger met at New York City's World of Original Fashion academy, or WOOF! for short.  They are students at the school and learning as much as they can to further their career as fashion designers.  They both are best friends with Pepper, an aspiring DJ from New York City.  The three pup people love to travel all over the world with their little dogs, then report back about fashions and fun they've had on Pinkie's blog, The Pinkie Post.  

Pinkie Cooper is from St. Louis Missouri and has lots of Midwestern personality.  She is a white and caramel brown Cocker Spaniel who's favorite color is pink.  She's smart and loves to create jewelry from found objects.  Her pet is named Lil' Pinkie and barks every time she sees someone wearing a fashion faux paw.

Ginger Jones is from Los Angeles.  She wears ultra girly clothes and her favorite color is purple.  She loves to design fashions from the drawing phase.  Her favorite place to travel is Paris and she would love to debut her own fashion line on a runway there someday.  Ginger is also a cream white Spaniel and has chocolate brown spots.  Ginger's pet is called Sprinkles and she looks very much like her master.

Pepper Parson hails from New York City and is a cream and dark brown Spaniel.  She loves to put together the perfect playlist for her gig as a DJ.  Her favorite color is turquoise and sometimes she's a little wild with her fashion choices.  She loves traveling with Pinkie, Ginger and her special shelter adopted puppy Saltine. You could say they go together like salt and pepper. 

Look forward to seeing lots more about these cute characters in videos, online, and of course toys.

Pinkie Cooper
Pinkie Cooper
Pepper Parson
Pepper Parson
Ginger Jones
Ginger Jones

Pinkie and the Jet Set On Video

Read More About My Pinkie Cooper Pepper Parson and Ginger Jones Dolls - Click the Link Below

And Their Pets Fashions and Travel Case

Find A Great Selection of Pinkie Cooper Dolls Pets and Clothing on eBay.

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fitzcharming on 08/16/2013

I agree. Dogs with pet dogs. Thanks for your comment kimbesa.

kimbesa on 08/16/2013

Looks like little girls who also love dogs will like these dolls, with their special looks and pets included.

fitzcharming on 08/15/2013

Thanks for your visit. These dolls are brand new and just being stocked in stores. I think they will be a success too.

NausetViews on 08/15/2013

I've never seen a Pinkie Cooper Doll. I'm sure little girls must love them.

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