Pipe Wrench Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

Most plumbing and pipework requires a good quality pipe wrench. The best pipe wrenches reviewed and compared.

Nothing works a pipe quite as good as a top quality pipe wrench and if you spend your days in some kind of plumbing environment, then they're a must-have hand tool. Known under a variety of different names, they came in different lengths and strengths, some being more particular, others good for general tasks.

Usually available in steel or aluminum, much like bolt cutters, they're a stand alone tool. They're great for more than just pipework - they can work just as well with nuts and bolts that seized up and become lodged or stuck.

The five best pipe wrenches are featured below - best sellers, the one's everyone else is buying and of course - the best value for money.

Ridgid 31105 24-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

This is the top selling and five star rated aluminum 24" pipe wrench. 40% lighter than a cast iron wrench, it's incredibly strong and reliable. Engineered not only to perform well - they're built to last a lifetime. A big favorite with professionals that work extensively with pipework, they're an industrial standard hand tool and deliver the goods time after time.

They're designed to work with you, and the way that they grip and release as and when you need it is a feature that all pipe wrenches should include. The jaws can open up to 3" and it weighs in at around the 6lb mark - which is great on your back, shoulder and joints. Aluminum tools are more expensive but they sure are less labor intensive to work with. That's a reflection on the price tag of this one but trust me - it's worth every cent.

Ridgid 31105 24-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Ridgid Brand, 24' Aluminum Pipe Wrench, 3' Pipe Capacity.

$118.99  $111.99

Ridgid 31400 Spud Wrench

The is the best pipe wrench to have around the home - or if you need a wrench that allows you to work in areas where space is pretty tight. Being only 12" long, you have a more maneuverability than you'd get with the longer models, and the jaw width is enough to tackle most tasks.

The combination of the shorter handle and the narrow jaw shape is what makes these a real handy pair. Perfect for home plumbing tasks, you really can work in small spaces and the weight and grip both aid to its functionality. The pipe capacity is from 3/8" up to 2 5/8", so plenty adequate, and it weighs just two and a half pounds. A good little wrench, right on the money.

Ridgid 31400 Spud Wrench

632-31400 Features: -Narrow toothless jaw to fit into tight areas.-For square or rectangular stock.-Pipe Cap.: 3/8 in [Min], 2 5/8 in [Max].-Material: Cast Iron.-Jaw Material: A...

$44.97  $40.73

Ridgid 31110 36-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

This is the best 36" pipe wrench and yet another hand tool from Ridgid. This one's perfect for larger tasks and like the smaller version, it's packed with useful features that are welcome in an industrial environment. The jaws open up to a width of 5", it weighs 11lb and being aluminum, you won't feel the weight that you get with a cast iron model.

The catch and release aspect with the jaws is incredibly cool - it makes pipework a lot easier and removes any need to wrestle the jaws either on or off. The jaws are replaceable - though they both look and feel as robust as it gets - the teeth are well formed and give a good grip. Easy to work with, reliable and durable, not the cheapest of wrenches but certainly the best in its class and worth the price tag.

Ridgid 31110 36-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

RIDGID 31110 36-Inch Industrial Standard Aluminum Pipe Wrench The legendary RIDGID pipe wrench, the most complete and premier line of threading and roll grooving equipment, best...

Only $221.47

Crescent C711H 11-Inch Chrome-Plated Adjustable Auto Wrench

This is a good quality 11" pipe wrench - non-aluminum but still relatively lightweight. The fact that it's not aluminum is reflected in the price tag - alloy metal is more expensive. Like the other pipe wrench's feature here, they meet ANSI standards and are perfectly suited for the industrial environment.

The jaws will open up to 2 2/4" wide, which is generous enough, and they weigh around one and a half pounds. They don't feel too bad in the hand, pretty solid and seem happy enough when put to work. The jaws have a solid grip, they release and grip as needed and overall, this is a good general purpose wrench - currently on offer at an attractive discount price.

Crescent C711H 11-Inch Chrome-Plated Adjustable Auto Wrench

C711H Model Code: AC (part# C711H) This item features: -Sliding jaw. -Forged from Crescent special analysis tool steel. -Precision machined; exceeds government specifications. -...

$37.44  $29.49

Ridgid 31305 1-1/8-Inch-to-2-5/8-Inch Capacity Offset Hex Wrench

This is the best offset pipe wrench and it's as good as it gets for anything with a hex shape to it - nuts, valve packing nuts and so on. The jaw width is 1 1/8" to 2 5/8" and it weighs just over one and half pounds. It feels nice and capable in the hand and the jaws provide a good grip - no slipping or careful maneuvering to set them to work.

It's a top hand tool when it comes to awkward spots and tight places - the offset angle is exactly what you need is a small space. Equally - it's perfect for drainage work, under sink plumbing, anywhere that a small yet tough offset wrench can fit. Great tool, top quality, awesome engineering - and all for less than 30 bucks.

Ridgid 31305 1-1/8-Inch-to-2-5/8-Inch Capacity Offset Hex Wrench

632-31305 Features: -Hex jaw design gives multi-sided, secure grip on all hex nuts, square nuts, unions, and valve packing nuts.-Extra-wide opening offset model is ideal for sec...

$34.97  $34.04
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