Pirate Costumes and Parties

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Pirate parties work for Halloween, children birthday parties, and other excuses for a costume party. Whether it is an adults or children party, it is an easy, fun theme.

Parties for Halloween, Costume Parties, and Birthdays

First, there are two types of party with a pirate theme, a party for children or a party for adults. And, for children there is a choice of Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme, which is an easy party to find supplies and decorations for, and a general pirate party. Just remember, if selecting Jake and the Neverland Pirates as a theme there is only one Jake character. If everyone is to costume, allow more general pirate costumes.

Adult pirate themed parties can be on Halloween, or if there is another occasion in your area for which this theme would be appropriate, consider the theme. In New Orleans there is a period called Pirate Days during which people dress as pirates and roam the streets. Pirate parties are appropriate during this period. And, Mardi Gras is always a good time for a costume party, and dressing as a pirate is a simple costume idea.

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Pirate Costumes

Here we have a few options.  Yes, for children the Jake costume is an option.  There is also a female costume for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.  But what about adults.  Well, there are several costumes for the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean including the female pirate costume, and there are general pirate costumes of a generic nature.  A generic pirate costume is simple.  Pirates wore work clothing of the day, and had no store to replace their worn out clothing.  So, tattered work clothes from the period of several hundred years back would be appropriate.  A wrapped head would have protected the pirate from the sun, so this is also appropriate.  Of course the captain would wear a well recognizable hat. 


Accessories should be a sword, or a dagger.  Rubber swords and daggers are easy to find.  The eye patch is a normal addition, but in reality not every pirate needed one.  It is probably best omitted.


Party Decorations

The Jolly Roger is known to be a pirate symbol.  Decorations with the Jolly Roger are appropriate decorations.  Other decorations could include fake pirate loot, coins and jewels.  Fake chocolate coins can be readily found, and can also help serve the guests.

Sword Party Favors

Inflatable swords make great party favors for a pirate theme party.  Look below for a great sword party favor.  Here is a collection of party favors with inflatable swords included.

Party Supplies

Kits Are Best

Party supplies such as plates, cups, and napkins can be bought individually, or can be found in packs designed to serve several guests with matching pieces.  Some packs even include a tablecloth, but most do not.  The idea is to buy enough packs to handle the size party you are planning, with a few extra pieces just in case some are dropped, or thrown away too early.  Also, think of how many plates and napkins you will need, since some parties need plates for the party food, and another for cake and ice cream, and a napkin to accompany each.  And, if there are children who might get messy extra napkins, or paper towels will be needed for child cleaning.  Clean up napkins do not have to match the theme.


If the party is based on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, special party packs are available.  The images on these are less intimidating than those with a general pirate theme.  And, Jake and the Neverland Pirates decorative balloons can also make an impact on young guests.


Pirate Theme Inflatable Coolers

Inflatable coolers can be used to help add to the decorations, yet serve a function.  Two appropriate designs exist.  One is a treasure chest.  The other is a pirate ship.  Perhaps you could use one of each, one for drinks to be consumed by the children attending the party, and the other for beverages for adults only.  Inflatable coolers are inexpensive, so having enough is not something to not consider.  

Invitations and Thank You Cards

Be certain to invite your guests.  The invitation should say if the party is a costume party, or not.  It should state if a companion is allowed, or not, and whether RSVP is required.


For a birthday party there is probably of a gift being brought by each guest.  If a gift is involved, a Thank You card is required. 

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

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