Best Planners for College Students 2024-2025

by spirituality

Students, especially college students, can really benefit from having a planner to use to keep track of their college life.

You have classes to keep track off along with study dates that you want to make sure they can remember easily. With today's economy most college students have a job to help with the cost of their education. An academic calendar can be so beneficial in helping them quickly look at their class schedule as you work with their employer to schedule the shifts that don't interfere with classes.

Let's not forget jotting down those important parties that you want to go to, also. Sorority or Fraternity parties can be a "can't miss" sort of thing when you are in college. You will also want to jot down those important home games whether it is football, basketball or baseball. Homecoming is also a pretty big deal and they will want that marked in your planner, too.

So, what are some things to look at for a planner for a college student?

Features Of An Academic Planner

When looking at the different planners that might work, I believe that a good student planner is the best option. I recommend looking at the ones that are merchandised as an academic or student planner. They usually offer more than just a planner that non-students would find sufficient.

Some are called student organizers and offer plenty of space to keep track of classes, sporting events, parties and work schedules along with the fun stuff. Some even come with a set of stickers that can flag important or fun events that the student won't want to miss when they glance over the month or week.

Many will also have some goal planning if the student wants to start creating goals for their more independent and grown-up life. Most will have room for notes to jot down about anything the student might feel they want to remember or record for future reference.

Older college students might be able to get by with a simple pocket planner because they probably have the scheduling down to a science and won't need as much detail for keeping track of what is going on. It kind of depends on the individual and how easily they can stay organized without writing things down, though I do not recommend this..

They will definitely want a weekly way to record their schedule and most have at least that. Some have daily pages, too. Just look at the different styles and determine what will work the best for you or the student you plan to give a college student planner to.

While keeping track of your busy lifestyle, choose a cute planner to keep you organized and on track.
A collection of owl planners to keep your life organized and on task.
I can't do without a planner, can you? But I also want it to look good in my purse. In short, I want a cute planner, preferably with a weekly format. Here's the best this year.
As a student in high school or college you need a good planner / organizer. These date books were selected to follow the academic year.
At-A-Glance Academic Weekly / Monthly Planner - Garden Party
At-A-Glance Academic Weekly / Monthly Planner - Garden Party

A good video about time management

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