Planting Seeds of Life

by LadyGuinevere

There are many kinds of seeds to plant in our lives. Some are for food to eat and some are for spirituality. What are you planting and do you see the fruits thereof?

Seeds Are.....

Seeds come in many different sizes and even different shapes. Seeds are packed full of what? Look beyond the surface. A seed holds all the information that it needs of all the opportunities that it will be in the future. It can be the tiniest but it can grow to be the biggest tree and the most beneficial of all. It grows towards the light. It must first be planted in the dark under the surface of the soil. With some water it softens and breaks out of its shell and begins to grow. Those that grow big and tall and strong will provide shelter, food and shade for those that need it. These seeds can be seeds from a plant or tree but the ones that I am talking about today, in this article, are the thoughts that you plant in the gardens of other’s minds.

What Kind Of Seeds Are You Planting?

Do you plant these kinds of seeds? There are many ways to plant those seeds. Some you may see start and then die and some will fall by the wayside and not sprout or take off at all and then…….then you may not realize it but some will sprout and grow into strong plants. Some of the thoughts that you didn’t even know that you planted will come back to you days, months or sometimes years later. You just never know.

How Your Seeds Grow

We all are the medium from which things grow here on this Earth. We all provide the nutrients that provide seeds or thoughts to grow and become something. Each seed that we plant can become many different things to many different people depending on what path they may be on and what lessons they are to learn from this life. You may not see the fruit that it brings to them. They may or may not remember that you planted it, but be assured that it will find a nurturing place in their minds and sometimes right in their very own hearts.

The Purpose of Seeding

Jesus talks about planting seeds and how some will grow and become fruitful and how some will fall onto rocks and such. He knows how people are and how their thoughts works and some of the patterns that are formed from those thoughts and deeds. Being a good Christian was not what he was talking about. He was talking about how everything has a purpose and a time that is right for planting seeds and for being fruitful. He also says that we should be careful of those thoughts and seeds that we plant in others because some will come to fruition for better or worse. We have the ability to change what comes to us by what we send out. What we may not be able to change is our circumstances because they may be exactly what we wanted out of this life. It may also be a way to get the lessons that we are to learn. Be sure that you are planting seeds of a good and positive nature.

Good and Bad

We can get good and bad seeds (thoughts that others have planted in our minds) as well. We can also get the wrong nutrients too preventing us from growing in the right direction. That too can be fixed as like any plant can be. Some of those thoughts that were put into others minds or that have been put in our own can be plucked out if caught in time. Sometimes it takes going all the way back to childhood to find what it was that caused us to go wrong. Sometimes it takes another seed to plant to spark that growing process. It might be you that will do this. It may be of a person who you don’t even know or someone that you saw on a bus. It could be a physical thought as spoken or something that they had seen in you or telepathically. This poem that I wrote some time ago may help you know and understand the workings of the connectivity we have with others in our daily lives.

The Person Sitting Beside You

The Person Sitting Beside You

Who the person sitting beside you

when one place to another you must move

on a subway or bus or in a grocery store

Someone comes and sits close to you like other times before


You put up your protective shell

Like all other times as well

What are the deep feelings you feel

Take time right now and your shell you should peal


To see just how those others to you relate

Do they make you feel like some kind of bate

Or is it you who does the judging

without you doing the budging


You think of all the things you've been taught and you start to assume

are they single, Muslim, Jewish, or gay and other things that may not be true

have we become to think and to look at another

like they were some kind of ugly creature or other


By only seeing their outside looks

like what you have been told by that religious book

Would you be a fellow human

and extend your hand


With a smile just for a little while or a few seconds

Come on now your soul becons.

Do you really know if that other person,

is a friend or foe or just a human version,


Of an Angel that you are unaware,

put in your path to make you more aware

Of the things you think and what you do,

To the Person sitting *inside* of you.

All My Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens
All My Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens
Debra Allen
Beans In My Garden
Beans In My Garden
Debra Allen
What Are You Planting In Your Garden and In Others

So as seeds go and get planted in your garden or your seeds of thought get planted in theirs be very careful that you are not planting weeds that you may have to tend to later. Remember that no matter the color or the size or even the shapeliest of seeds they can grow into the strongest plants. That would also be the same with weeds. All weeds are not bad. The tomato was once considered a weed. That weed’s fruit has become a staple in many gardens and food. You just never know with seeds and what they may grow into. Go plant a seed in someone’s garden today!


Peas in my Garden
Peas in my Garden
Debra Allen
Updated: 05/21/2013, LadyGuinevere
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LadyGuinevere on 11/22/2016

I am back! I lost my login info and finally got it all back! What I have been planting during all this time is love and peace and understanding in and towards others. Those seeds have done lots. For some they have grown and for others they landed on hard rock and still in others they are still waiting to sprout or they are taking their time in doing so.
As for my gardens, well they are my gardens and right now it is very cold and windy and we will have lots to do before we plant in the spring. We have a raised garden that needs to be dismantled and put back together correctly.

frankbeswick on 12/19/2014

Yes, I know how you feel, Sandy. But even during these winter months there are things that you can be doing. I am working on my soil and filling up my new raised beds with compost. I will tidy up the existing raised beds, fastening them together properly, and there is some tidying to be done at the back of the plot. So there is enough to do.

sandyspider on 12/18/2014

I cannot wait until springtime to start my garden again. Love the poem.

jptanabe on 09/16/2013

How true - little things can be seeds that grow in our minds or the minds of others. Love the poem!

LadyGuinevere on 09/11/2013

Thanks for you comment

ologsinquito on 09/11/2013

What a nice article. I really do believe good nutrition and the right supplements can lead to healthier emotions.

LadyGuinevere on 05/22/2013

Oh but I think you are missing the point of this....planting seeds in other people's lives and watching them grow....

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

Sure, you know I've been seeing more and more heirloom seeds when I shop for seeds.

LadyGuinevere on 05/21/2013

Thank you katie

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

It is that time of year and yes it is amazing the many bounties a seed holds.

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