Playards for Wee Ones

by Regi_B

If you are looking for the best in playard options for your tot, this article has some ideas.

Toddlers need a space to play -- often times with boundaries and padded walls.

Now, I am not saying tots are insane, but they might drive you that way! :-D

If you are in the market for a playard set for your little one, do read on.

I have chased down the best playards sold online.

Best Playard

When over 500 reviews for a given product on Amazon rate that product a 4.8 out of 5 stars, you kind of have to figure it a great product.

That is the case with the Graco Totbloc Pack 'N Play.

It comes with its own carry bag, and a bug-themed quilt.

And did I mention? Parents love it!

Popular Playard

Thought it is not quite as popular as the product mentioned above, parents do like the Joovy Room2. 

It comes in five color choices, has a snazzy appearance, and sells for under $200.

For reviews of the Joovy Room 2 portable playard, click here. 

Playard with Bassinet

If you would like a playard with multi-functionality and some room to grow, then you have got to go with Graco's Pack 'N Play with Bassinet.

Sure, it comes in many colors, but the real reason to buy this playard is its value.

You will be able to use it when your darling is an infant, and as he or she grows into a toddler.

And it sells for under $100. Nice!

Where Playards Come in Handy

The following is where playards -- a.k.a. "Pack & Play sets" -- can really be useful. Think of this list as the places where playards make life easier. (Because when you have kids, making life a little easier is a big thing.)

Playards come in handy here:

  • Family get-togethers.
  • Times when you have to step out of the room and cannot take your little one with you.
  • Holidays.
  • Back yard cookouts.
  • Outdoors, near your home, when your child needs a nap.

A Smaller Playard

Being able to bring a crib along to a family gathering, or a similar function, is a dream of many a baby's parents.

Graco has built a solution -- the Travel Lite Crib.

With this smaller playard, you also get a crib and bassinet for on-the-go living.

It really is quite the package, and online shoppers dig it, too.

This doll of a playard is available in four different, contemporary color schemes -- for the designer in you, or your baby.

Multi-Feature Playard

If you are going to get a playard that will last, you might as well have a good, long look at the 4-in-1 offering from Chicco called the Lullaby XL. It comes in four color choices, but that is hardly the reason to consider this set.

The deal clincher? It includes a bassinet, changing station, removable playmat, and toy gym. No wonder shoppers online love it!

Funny Things about Playards

  • They weren't always called "playards".
  • We used to call them "play pins".
  • They plump when you cook 'em (I would imagine).

Good Things about Playards

  • They make baby's life easier.
  • They make mommy and daddy's life easier.
  • They are washable!

Playards in Summary

If you see a play yard in your baby's future, you will find no shortage online.

Updated: 07/12/2012, Regi_B
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Playard Comments

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katiem2 on 07/22/2012

My cousin just had a baby boy on the 18th, they'll be in the market for these sort of things. The playards are priceless,great product review. Thanks :)K

Regi_B on 07/13/2012

Thank you for the insight, SeanMac. :-D

SeanMac on 07/13/2012

The Joovy Room2 is very practical and keeps the toddler amused (and safe).

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