Portable Welder Reviews

by Jerrico_Usher

Portable welders help increase business, home welding, and even hobby welding. Discover what's available and how to figure out which type is best for your needs

Welding is the process of merging various types of metal together using various types of weld materials. Welding has become an integral part of many manufacturing and repair companies. The industry has evolved into a powerful vocation that involves not only repairing things in a shop but mobilizing the business to go out and repair things on site. Companies used to have to tear down fences or parts and bring them to the shop to get it repaired, then return to the site to reinstall it but that is no longer necessary. Some things can’t easily or cost effectively be removed so hiring a portable welder professional is a god send.

Thanks to the portable welder covering a large variety of welder machines, there is no longer a need to ship your repair jobs or for the average person to have to drive their car to the shop illegally to get things like the muffler welded (cracks etc…). Portable welders also give the welder the advantage because they can be moved easily into even tight spaces to perform the weld. You can’t do that with a big machine that weighs several hundred pounds or more!

In this article we'll cover several types of portable welders available and what types of jobs they are best for to help you figure out which type you may need. We'll cover types, models, price, and more.

Portable Welders
Portable Welders

Reviewing Various Portable Welders


Welding is something that just about everyone knows about, but many look at it in an overly simplistic fashion. Welding requires a fair bit of expertise and has many different facets. Some people think any type of welder will work for any type of job but this is far from the truth.

Welders are specialized for specific types of welding from precision (plasma/TIG) to industrial welding and even chain link fence repair. Each take a different type of welder to accomplish the best job possible and to assure the weld sticks you have to use the right type of welding wire.

For many projects, welding must be accomplished on-site with tools that can be brought to the job. In an age where mobility is the name of the game, a portable welder becomes very handy to the professional as well as to the hobby welder. Below we'll compare some of the available portable welder models. Some of the most well known names in the business of portable welders are Pico, Phoenix and Tetrix.

TIG welder Picotig 180

The TIG welder Picotig 180 is a small, compact lightweight design, equipped with a handy carrying strap. Its operating interface is simple and easy to follow, and it is both safe and reliable to use. One highlight of the 180 is its over-voltage protection, which can come in handy for the novice or hobby welder. It retails for roughly $700 but you can find it on sale for less.

Phoenix 333 PULS forceArc

The Phoenix 333 PULS forceArc is another great model, extremely efficient because of its low-spatter welding. Featuring perfect ignition and welding properties with a flexible, multi-voltage operation, the 333 has a future-oriented machine system, making it competitive with the most up-to-date models available today.

It's used mostly in production and repair work with unalloyed, low-alloy and high alloy steel. This top tier machine starts at $1800.

Tetrix 350 AC/DC activARC

The Tetrix 350 AC/DC activARC is another outstanding model. It has a fully digital inverter welding technology, offering maximum efficiency. The main area it's used in is with aluminum and aluminum alloys. This model requires no additional tools and allows synchronized operation of two machines for simultaneous jobs.

The easy-to-follow display makes it a viable option for any type of welder. Most portable welders and services are put to use for industrial, residential and commercial use. The price for these units range from a couple hundred dollars and as high as several thousand.

The type of portable welder you need will depend mainly on what you're trying to accomplish, but many welders are capable of handling multiple jobs. If you're doing several drastically different types of welding jobs, you may have to purchase more than one type of welder.

Luckily their are many affordable models and some are brilliantly designed as a multiple type welder meaning they can do TIG, MIG, and many others out of one machine. This particular type of model is portable but not cheap running somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000.

One of the most sought after models by race car mechanics is the versatile Invertec V350-PRO Advanced Process model (the $5,000 model pays for itself in versatility and ability to do more work- and it's completely portable so it can be used on various jobs extending any mobile welder professional's reach and capabilities.

Updated: 07/03/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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