Have You Ever Been Possessed? I Have, And YOU Have Too. Discover "How"

by Jerrico_Usher

Possession isn't always a poltergeist or demon, it’s technically anything that possesses or takes over our body, functions, or common sense!

In this article I'm going to walk you through a typical scenario of common "possession" and how it escalates. This terminates into a couple of fantastic videos covering why this happens biologically (from the experts own mouths) and with some great animations, commentary, and powerful awareness. The videos are from a movie called "What The Bleep Do We Know... Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole, Quantum Physics Edition" - a MUST have DVD. It's all very layman don't worry. We'll also cover what you can do to "exorcise" the demons and return to your normal life (relatively speaking of course) and even how to prevent possession (no holy water or religious figure needed).

This article stems from watching a bunch of "possession" type movies and shows where they ridiculously claim people are possessed by some demon or spirit. Some were even from televised evangelist programs that really made me yell at the screen! The reality is "possession" is just mental illness, permanent or temporary.

The temporary variety is what most people experience all the time *smiles* but have no idea that, or why, it's happening. The permanent variety is what gets people committed to a sanatorium (long term mental health clinic)! I'm writing this to set the record straight and give people some insight. Enjoy!

Possession Entry Point

The Transformation From Normal Human Being Into A Possessed Zombie Like Being

Typical Self Reflection Path

You’re sitting there one day, everything seems fine, but a slight headache develops, next a stomach ache... Neither is incapacitating at first, but they make going through the rest of your workday difficult.

On the surface, to everyone but you, and sometimes, actually, including you... You look fine. Perhaps a little lazy as your hair and bedroom is starting to indicate that you may be feeling under the weather. Your optimism comes to the rescue to throw off the scent of the underlying transformation under way and you just go about your day not realizing the accumulation of factors are changing you ever so slightly but tapering up!

Things that have bothered you for several months are starting to surface, rather they begin to come to the conscious thinking area where you find yourself irritated, especially if you see it again.

You don't really feel like anything is bothering you, but insomnia starts to hit home when every single night of the week your staring at the back of your eyelids picking at your fingers, and tossing and turning till you watch the dreadful sun come up.

Dreadful because you realize you didn't sleep but work calls and your time is up. You're a little irritated because you know that you will feel less than focused, tired, and ambition will take work. Each day becomes harder than the last...

A week of this goes by and you become irritable, your hair and makeup start to become work, and wearing that shirt you love every single day becomes a problem with everyone around you. Still, you (think you) feel fine, not super happy, but not necessarily negative, just tired all the time and can't figure out why. Energy drinks, coffee, and anything else you try simply don't do it.

You now feel this nagging nausea, a bit of a tummy issue you can't figure out. As the week goes by you start to feel different.  Your patience level starts to wane and your frustration levels slowly rise...It's all happening so slow you don't even notice it when you look in the mirror (even if you look like the zombie to the right)!

You're likely now not even wearing make-up (women). You can't remember if you even brushed your teeth. Your mind is slowly losing its grip on reality... others can now see the metamorphosis your making into zombie-ism, especially people who haven't seen you for a few days. They tell you about it but your still in denial.

Your eyes are red from lack of sleep, an overloaded subconscious mind, anxiety sets in. You start to think that EVERYONE telling you that you look like crap, you look stressed, and your acting strange... is them just being mean, negative, or irrational.The irony is this is YOU right now, and everything they are telling you is actually true.

You start to think the world is against you, but in reality they are just trying to extend a hand, which you abrasively slap away (denial again). Your possession is starting to morph you and they see it at this point.

You're no longer capable of rational thought, you take everything wrong and don't see the reality of much clearly- but ironically you "believe" you do! (this is the part in the video below where the girl sees the groom making out with a woman that isn't his wife, but in reality it wasn't him at all, she replaced the rational thought processes of what her brain perceived with what wasn't really there!).

In essence, you creating baggage that isn't there!


My "Rationalize-r" Is Broken!

Things you rationalized away for so long are no longer going away, in fact they are all starting to haunt your thoughts, forcing you to deal with them... you feel a little mad (crazy).

What the heck is going on? How did this happen? Why are you so confused? So irritated? So anxious? Why are you bombarded with uncontrollable emotional outbursts and urges to want to crawl into a ball and escape your life? Why do you feel that everyone is against you, when in reality they are actually on your side!?

You're possessed.

Your own body chemicals have taken you hostage, but your thoughts are the ring leader. This didn't happen quickly- often it happens so slow it's maddening! Let's talk about what's REALLY happening beneath the surface.

Possessed By Your Own Thoughts And Bio-Chemicals!

Village Possessed
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The Living Possession - Please Don't Feed The Beast

Self Inflicted Through Lack Of Awareness

Many people are living this way. Life is going by so fast that taking time to meditate and release that stress built up throughout a normal day doesn't happen. People slowly transform into a nice ball of irritation and anxiety, the first signs of being possessed.

If you don't realize what's happening to you, you can't very well counteract what you’re doing to "feed" your possession can you?

Many people don't know, don't do anything to counter this phenomenon getting worse, and often actually feed into it. Sadly, they start to blame external circumstances and even people for their fate! This can cause a cascade of new problems and your "possession" becomes more intricate and scary...

This is where you start to lose control of the reigns.

How It Starts And Festers

Likely you are not expressing your feelings and letting things fester and mold. Nobody around you may know your needs and you slowly start to forget that your not really telling them enough to understand your dilemma. You may need some solitary time because you’re too on edge to interact rationally with others but people think your ignoring them. The 'demon' (what possesses you) feeds on irrationality.

You may want to keep the peace, not to rock the boat, but by holding it in you’re causing a chemical chain reaction to happen that starts to affect your immune system, your health, and your patience (see videos below).

Your optimism fades, and like someone who’s bi-polar, your mood starts to shift back and forth as you struggle to maintain optimism in the face of pure irritation brought on by unresolved issues in your mind, irrational perceptions of people around you and their true intentions, and more!

Invisible Gun - When Your Irrational Your Invisible Gun Has Real BulletsYou start to see things that aren't even really happening but worse you start to act on them! You define things in the wrong way, and even accuse others of doing things they aren't doing- because you’re filtering THEIR actions through YOUR perception filters which are taken over by unseen forces!

In essence and as this picture to the left describes, your wielding an invisible gun but your actions manifest real bullets (mental bullets in the minds of those around you that feel "shot down" and injured by your antics)!

You may snap, but just as quickly catch yourself (only by their negative or disgusted reaction to your actions) and say something like, just kidding, just messing with ya, and the like. But the damage is done.

You don't tell people why you’re upset or quick tempered, you don't want to throw your baggage on them so you smile it off to not offend, but the opposite happens. You stop and think about it and think, wow what "possessed" me to do that or speak to my friend like that unprovoked?? At this point even your pride is working against you as you don't apologize even though you realize you're wrong! You start to pay too much attention to their reactions and not enough attention to what caused them (YOU).

Your body starts to corrode as you hold in the anxiety and frustration that requires an outlet- the problem is this outlet happens spontaneously like Barney Fife's gun (The Andy Griffith Show).

I think Barney Fife IS POSSESSED (and Andy Knows it) in this video... and shoots himself in the foot!

He then further demonstrates how one whose possessed will try to rationalize their actions!
The Exorcist
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If you are one of these people, you could find yourself adept at hiding your feelings, letting things go and convincing yourself they are resolved when they aren't (which builds up inside you like an atomic bomb).

You will find that you can actually bury these negative thoughts and go through a day completely unaffected, apparently, by them. Then you enter the last stage just before your head turns around 360 degrees.

You find yourself doing things you regret later and that everyone gasps at because, it's a monster, not you before them. In short, you’re possessed by a biological chemical cocktail called neuropeptides.

(see video below from "what The Bleep Do We Know" to understand neuropeptides").

What "Possesses" You!

Neuro-Peptides And Emotions

What Possesses You Part 2

Neuropeptides (Chain Amino Acids)

If You Want To See The Whole Fascinating Movie Check It Out On Amazon Here

The above videos were only 20 minutes roughly of a 3 DVD set (3-4 hours of blissful entertaining awareness)
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You may not see that your possessed until you experience "the world is against me" itus..

Path To Possession

By the time you realize your possessed, you've already left a trail of people mad at you, some hurt by things you said or irrational things you wrote, others just irritated by watching your corrosion slowly (like someone who gets on your nerves and you don't know why; then it ramps up over time into animosity but you understand how it happened).

Possession Often Skews Perceptions/Perspectives

The hard thing to understand at the time is "why" people around you are all apparently going nuts and being irrational or even being overly sensitive. They aren't of course- it's all you!

Since you're under the control of a possession force- your own chemicals turning on you (or rather turning you on- but not in the sexual sense)- you don't see what's right in front of your face- thus you've become something other than your normal(ized?) self.


Your emotions become erratic from insomnia, and lack of sleep, chemicals the body normally recharges in deep sleep are not recharged. Your body, which is synergistic, starts to crash. If one thing breaks the whole thing can come down. This makes you tired, groggy, and feeling generally "off-center" .

This in turn puts you into disarray; slowly your mental state becomes a challenge. Thinking in general feels very difficult but multitasking becomes impossible. The frustration and agitation is formed from Adrenalin and irritations constantly bombarding you. It's not things that would normally irritate you but more so things that normally wouldn't. Because of your sensitivity they are amplified and rationalized incorrectly.


You may find yourself saying things out of character, getting mad out of character, and you could say things that cannot be forgiven.

These are the characteristics of possession, of a ghost in the machine.

The "ghost in the machine" is a mixture of your biology (chemicals and enzymes) and neurology (neurons firing, thoughts cascading at random even nonsensical forms). 

These things affect and determine mood, patience, elation, depression, and more.

Basically all the things that, if out of balance or not present, can turn a normal person into a possessed demon of a person. Like all people who've been possessed, remorse usually sets in later when you regain control and feel more content- back in control and thinking clearly.


There Are "Good" Possessions Too

But Even Those Are "Imbalances" That Can Stir Up Problems If Your Not careful!

Possession in this sense is not always negative or demon like- people are possessed in many ways Possessed By Lovefrom falling in love, to feeling successful and powerful even motivated (which ironically all happen in love as well), to excitement because, for example, they won the lottery.

All these things also cause you to seem "possessed" by people who know you well and are now seeing a different side of you. We all want to be possessed by "love"- this is an amazing possession to have, but if things go wrong it can be one of the most self destructive possessions! (so don't let it go wrong!)

We all want to be taken over by those good chemicals that empower us and make us ambitious, so there's not much need to calm that problem down- unless you become overly complacent and lose perspective.

Even positive possessions can be bad if they make you lose sight of safety and security- or how your friends perceive your actions. Success is a prime example. Often people work hard to reach success and eventually become obsessed by it, possessed by it, and lose sight of how it's affecting them. It boils down to the famous quote "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Things can brew like jealousy, arrogance, pettiness, and lack of insight/focus. Not being aware of how your success may be hurting someone else is not a good thing. Many people who become complacent with success often don't realize the very people that made them that way are being stepped on. When they falter they become very aware of their actions.


The Exorcism

The Cure To And Prevention Of Bad Possession

Luckily there is a cure, and you won't have to go to the United Federation of Planets, or take a voyage 20,000 leagues beneath the sea to get it.

You just have to become self aware. Learn all you can about how your biology, your chemicals, your brain/neurons all work. Learn how you're triggered, and learn to distinguish between your "normalized" mode and all others so you know when you're possessed and losing control.

Develop an acute awareness of how others react to you and pay attention to give yourself an external "flagging" system. Use that to trigger your common sense and to react favorably. If you feel yourself starting to get mad, your blood boiling, your body heating up- walk away, calm down. If you don't you will really discover the frailties of possession!

Don't hold things in. Talk about them; yell if you have to (in a room by yourself or better yet, in your car!).

Write things down if you're a writer, get it out of your head before you explode. You will find you will start writing about one thing then will get into another- that which is bothering you will flow out of your fingers if you stop thinking and just type.

If someone irritates you, deal with it the second you feel it (politely). Hopefully you're around people who communicate. The happiest people on earth are powerful communicators, those who take responsibility for their actions, and those whom take action and speak up.

If people around you can't listen to you and rationally talk things out, perhaps you need better friends. If it's family members, perhaps you need to have a family meeting. Me and my fiancé' never hide anything, and ironically we never have anything negative to say to each other. We get along in ways I thought were only possible in fairy tales. We don't build things up, we have open, honest and polite (mutual respect) communication.

We NEVER let anything fester, regardless of how small. This avoids animosity. We also don't need to nag each other to get our point across. 9 times out of ten we're smiling when we talk to each other. Smiling is powerful.

Good Luck!

This article was inspired in part by concepts inherant in "The Secret" DVD/Books

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Updated: 05/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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