Pottermore - Finally out of beta and open for registration

by Sam

Excuse me whilst I disappear from the face of the earth for a while, but Pottermore is finally open for registration and out of beta!

Everybody that knows me knows also that I am a huge Harry Potter fan! So I was delighted to discover that Pottermore is finally open for registration and out of beta! So, please excuse me as I am disappearing from the face from the earth for a while in order to explore it - I will update this article regularly with the things I discover, so stay tuned and bookmark it!

Pottermore Youtube

... the trailer that got me hooked ;-)


The clip on the right was that alerted me first to the existence of Pottermore! It was included in the last Harry Potter DVD I bought. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' and since I saw it for the first time I tried to get into it. Unfortunately I missed the beta and was not be able to register / apply for being a beta tester. But now, April 2012, Pottermore is finally open for everybody and I am in!

Follow me on my magical journey through the world of the 'boy who lived' and his friends ...


Step 1

Just go to the official Harry Potter website here and fill out your details. You have to prove that you are 'magical', but trust me, that is easy ;-) Wait for the registration email to arrive in your inbox and click the confirmation link and you are good to go ... Have fun and connect with me in Pottermore, my username is HazelBlade27833 ;-)

Explore the World of Harry Potter

Step 2

After you have confirmed your registration, start to explore the world of Harry Potter! Lots of additional content available that never has been published elsewhere ;-)

You need to start with the first chapter of the first book - but I tell you it is well worth it, there is so much new information and additional content to discover ...

Whilst you do this you can collect items, get a magical wand and brew potions, the more you explore the more doors open up to you and the more you enjoy this online experience.

Stay Tuned!

As I explore Pottermore I will update this article with my findings, tips and cheats ;-) And now you really have to excuse me I have to find my magical wand, brew some potions and win some wizarding duels ;-) Why don't you join me in my quest ??? It only takes a minute to sign up to Pottermore and you can connect there with me and we can do the magical journey together!

More about the world of Harry Potter

... by yours truly ;-)
Harry Potter is my, not so secret, addiction! Here all my articles I have published so far about this subject on Wizzley.
Updated: 04/30/2012, Sam
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Sam on 06/05/2012

You are welcome, Katie, have fun! SY

katiem2 on 06/05/2012

Oh yes, huge Huge HUGE fan, I've heard of this and been biting my lip waiting. Thanks for the heads up. :) K

Sheri_Oz on 06/02/2012

I'm happy for you. Have fun. I will avoid this as I have an addictive personality.

kajohu on 05/01/2012

I've got to act like a muggle until summer comes, and then maybe I can take time to check out Pottermore. I think I'd easily get addicted :-) It looks great. I'd love to revisit the Harry Potter books in this way.

Sam on 05/01/2012

Have fun you two, perhaps we 'meet' there ;-)

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