Primitive Halloween Witch Decor and Decorations

by Digby_Adams

Witches with their black cats and boiling cauldrons have fascinated us for centuries. Primitive art captures their personality better than any other art style.

Witches remain one of the most enduring Halloween symbols. Their boiling cauldrons have been vilified as the equipment used to create evil potions. In truth these women toiled in primitive conditions to ease the suffering of the people around them. Folk artists continue to capture the plaintive faces of Halloween witches and their most important accessories: pointed hats, striped witch shoes, purring black cats, flying bats and of course their broom.

Folk artist or primitive artists use organic materials and scraps to create the forlorn and sometimes scary primitive Halloween witch

Create a haunting Halloween display around the witch, her hat or even her boots. You can place it on a table top, on a bookshelf or beside the fireplace. Primitive pieces bring out the pensive and forlorn Halloween vibe.

Primitive Witch Decor

Primitive Witch










Primitive Witch Gerty

Primitive Witch Decor Design Features

Primitive artists often use a gray palette to create their designs. A witch's black robes often become a dusty gray. This makes her look like she has been working hard all day with her herbs and potions.

Folk-art witches are often very thin and bony. These lines create long noses, pointed chins and spindle fingers. Their bodies are perfect for a variety of poses and designs. 

Primitive witch desgins use buttons and cloth to give the witches a worried and distant look. It's as if they know that their days are numbered. It's only a matter of time until people come to burn them at the stake or hang them. 

Primitive Witch Hat

Primitive Witch Hat 

Primitive Witch Hat

A Witch's Hat

Often the only thing left after a witch dies and melts are her witch hat and shoes. The long and cone-shaped black hat has long been a favorite of primitive artists. Often they make it from fabric or material that lets the witch hat droop a bit. The sagging signifies the witche's weariness or bad ending. 

Often twine is tied around it instead of a belt buckle. I'm sure that primitive artists have more access to twine than more expensive buckles and ribbon. Born out of necessity, design element makes the witch look poor herself. 

Artists will also often include springs of leaves or dried flowers in the twine placed around the witch's hat. I imagine a busy witch tuckin an herb sprig in her hat as she toils over her cauldron. She is so busy that she forgets that it's there. The same can be said for a lucky love talisman that she is making for a nervous man courting a lovely woman. 

Primitive Witch Shoes











Primitive Witch Boots

Primitive Witch's Boots

Create a Haunting Halloween Display with Primitive Witch Boots and Shoes

Empty and worn shoes make us think about the person who wore them and what they did. This is even more the truth when the shoes are oddly-shaped and old-fashioned. Take a hint from the photo above and make a mysterious and haunting Halloween vignette on a bookcase shelve or even on a wide fireplace mantle.

The boots come with the muslin tie and are filled Spanish moss, Sweet Annie and white pip berries. You can pick up witch's spell books from a used book store to stack behind them. Instead of using small tea candles place a beautiful silver candleholder with a black candle in it.

I can see an over-worked witch taking off her puts, while she still has hours of conjuring and potions to make. She'll pour through the nearby spell books looking for the perfect spell to help her client.

Updated: 09/08/2014, Digby_Adams
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