PsyD Programs - What To Expect

by sinclair89

What to expect from PsyD programs. Includes a history of the degree, requirements, and future job prospects.

PsyD - What You Need to Know

What to expect...

A Doctorate in psychology or PsyD as it is often referred to is a fairly new degree that started back in the 1970’s.  The purpose of these initial PsyD programs was to provide training to graduates in the therapeutic field, as opposed to a PhD which emphasizes research.

General overview of the program

The program itself teaches the student to apply scientific methods, addresses behavioral science in clinical settings, teaches research methods, theories of mental illness and practices treatments. Al in all it prepares the student for general practice of clinical psychology. This is intended for students who want a career as practicing psychologist. The student must also be thorough with research methods and feel comfortable perusing through various research articles.

What are the requirements for the PsyD program?

A masters is not required, the student needs to have a Baccalaureate degree in Psychology or any other related field. You must also have letters of recommendation, official transcripts, GRE scores and the Statement of Purpose addressing the fact that the student has previous psychological research experience. Some students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than psychology may require ETS major field test.

What does the PsyD Program entail?

  • Relationship
  • Assessment
  • Intervention 
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Consultation and Education
  • Management and Supervision
  • Individual and Cultural Diversity 

The program will require the student to complete a clinical internship and at towards the end of the program a medical dissertation should also be completed. Supervised practice in a clinical setting is a requirement. Once the student has accomplished the PsyD degree they can be licensed by any state in the United States. 

Career options for graduates of the PsyD Program

Most PsyD students go onto become psychologists in clinical settings, but there are a few who go onto teaching and research. Some Psyd graduates work as social workers or counselors. Positions can be had in a variety of industries like, hospital, schools, NGO’s and certain privately owned companies. Some psychologist graduate and decide to open up their private practice, but this is usually done after a few years after graduation with the adequate expertise.


Length and Cost

The Psyd program takes approximately a period of 4 years, post a Bachelor’s degree, if the student attends fulltime all four quarters of the year at an accredited (APA) American Psychological Association school. Most PsyD programs cost an average of $20,000-$40,000 yearly. There are many financial aid options and maybe even grants that will assist the student through their graduate years.


Final Thoughts

Before applying to any competitive school for the PsyD programs, students must know that this program will take some financial sacrifices as well as time. PsyD degree is not for everyone but if you do choose to pursue it, remember that in the long run a Doctorate in Psychology degree will allow you to reap the rewards by becoming a licensed Psychologist and will give you the satisfaction of helping others in need.

Updated: 01/28/2012, sinclair89
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