Pumpkin Figurines

by jptanabe

Pumpkin figurines come in all shapes and sizes! They are perfect as decorations for Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or just for fun all year round.

I love it when the pumpkins start appearing - they are so colorful and they get so big! Fall is a glorious time of year. But then, it starts to get too cold, it snows, and things stop growing. And the pumpkins are gone.

That's when I want a pumpkin figurine - they keep bright and cheerful right through the winter! Pumpkin figurines come in as many styles as pumpkins themselves. They can be decorated for Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or for fun, or just plain beautiful pumpkins. Take your pick.

Fall Pumpkins

Pumpkins are so Great to Look at!

If you were making a figurine, wouldn't you just want to capture the round shape and gorgeous color of the pumpkin!

Glass Pumpkins

Isn't this pumpkin cute!

This authentic hand-blown pumpkin is perfectly orange, and just the right size to use as a paperweight or you could get a bunch and use them on the table as decorations. 

Cool colors!

This one is pretty special!

The pumpkin is hand blown from gallery quality glass, and measures 5 Inches in height.

It is available in a variety of colors!


Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Pumpkins are certainly part of Thanksgiving - they may be decoration or they may end up in in a pie and get eaten!

In any case, their beautiful orange color is part of the bountiful harvest we all give thanks for.

So why not add a pumpkin figurine to the Thanksgiving decorations - it will stay beautiful throughout the season!

Lovely colors and interesting design!


This is a colorful piece to be sure! 

This lovely pumpkin has a proud turkey surrounded by a beautiful array of fall harvest. 

Give thanks indeed!


Prissy Pumpkin Eater



She's really cute, ready to start eating, but not quite sure how to eat a big pumpkin!

6 inches tall, beautifully made of resin.

These pilgrims have their pumpkin and other goodies and are all ready to be give thanks. I think they're almost smiling!

These pilgrims have their pumpkin, and they are definitely smiling.

In fact, these are the happiest-looking pilgrims I've ever seen - even though they have such skinny arms and stick legs!

Halloween Pumpkins

Of course we all associate pumpkins with Halloween - all those lovely and scary Jack O'Lanterns!
Halloween Pumpkin picture Wall Decoration Canvas Wall Art Painting ...

This is quite a collection of Halloween pumpkins, all ready to display.

Battery operated scene includes lighted pumpkins, black ravens, and an old barbed wire fence.

Spooky street lights with pumpkin heads and skeleton bodies - oooh!

These pumpkin street lights actually light up! (Batteries not included)

Pumpkin Characters

Well, pumpkins do look like heads! So it's an obvious choice to make pumpkin characters, both with real pumpkins and as figurines.

These pumpkin head people are certainly having fun dancing up a storm. They look very agile considering they're pretty much just bones and a pumpkin head!


Halloween Ballet Dancing Pumpkins
Halloween Ballet Dancing Pumpkins
Jim Shore Pumpkin Scarecrow


You've got to love this pumpkin harvest scarecrow - he's got such a cute happy face, I don't think the crow is scared at all!


Pumpkin Characters

These are so cute and so much fun! They can sit on a shelf or desk or wherever.

Updated: 11/08/2023, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 08/29/2015

Thanks - I love these pumpkin figurines!

CruiseReady on 08/29/2015

These are really bright and pretty. They're good for the first day of fll all the way through Thanksgiving. The blown glass one is particularly attractive.

blackspanielgallery on 08/21/2015

These are great to decorate with. They should brighten up Thanksgiving.

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