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by Sam

Ok, Gentlemen, this is a 'girls only' article, so please excuse us for a bit of “she to she talk” about how to find the ideal push up bra.

Before you go, one word of warning: Don't buy your wife or girl friend out of the blue a push up bra. The only thing you get most likely back is: “I always knew that you don't like me as I am!” or similar... Instead of buying a specific piece of lingerie, why don't you get your better half a nice gift card, so that she can buy what she really likes?! Ok, now off you go, girls only from now on ;-)

Who needs a Push Up Bra?

Lets face it, not many of us like to admit that we need or use a push up bra, but as we are just amongst women here, lets face the truth! A lot of women can profit from a little push for the girlies from time to time. There are mainly two reasons for this:

  • You don't have much to start with.
  • What you had has succumbed to gravity due to maternity, breast feeding, jo-jo dieting and the like.
  • Oh, yes, getting older also doesn't help ;-)

Whilst not having big boobs that get in the way the whole time, might be advantageous in some situations, but one day, sooner or later, comes the moment where even a cup A equipped woman wants to show off a bit. Enters the push up bra! Basically it is all in the name, this kind of bra pushes the breast upwards and allows for a bust line that looks naturally fuller.

How does a Push Up Bra work?

Basically by using different methods, and combinations of those, to push your breasts together and to lift them at the same time. A good bra can make a visual difference of up to two cup sizes. Methods that are implemented can include a wire to fortify the base of the bra and to form a semi-rigid base from where to push things up. Padding, lining and inserts help to add more volume to the bust line and last, but not least, the form of the cup plus the straps help also to shape your breasts. Inserts give normally more volume then padding and lining only and can be made of silicone (yes, the same material that is used for a “boobs job”), water and even air. Water bras have the added advantage that the breasts swing more naturally, but they can make the whole design also a bit heavy. A lot of models have multiple “slits” into which additional gel, water or air insert might be slid in, making them easy to adjust to your personal preferences and giving you less or more oomph. Bras that have several pouches in different locations, give you also the advantage that you can adjust the direction the push comes from. Other bras feature a “front click”, leaving the back strap flat and adding this little bit more effect to form a nice cleavage and decollate. The best thing to do is to try and see if you which model and system you like most. Take water bras, some women swear by them, others not. So, what is now the best way to find your ideal one?

Lily of France Push Up Bras

The Lily of France models works with both, an underwire and gel pads to give women an extra sexy look. It is available in the sizes 32A-38C and in three different colors. Made from polyester, together with other fibers that add elasticity, such as Spandex gives it a very natural feeling. The design is very simple, but without becoming simplistic if you know what I mean. The fabric is elastic, yet firm and the cups are embellished with embroidery. They give a very natural look and work great under t-shirts due to their smooth design.

Where and when do you plan to wear your push up bra?

To choose the right bra it is always important to think about where and when you want to wear it. You will need a different model for playing tennis than for going to a ball wearing a shoulder free ballroom dress. Also the type of clothing you normally wear plays a role. If you are a jeans and t-shirt person, you are looking for a push bra with a very smooth design that doesn't show through the fabric for example. So that it its smooth and comfortable design makes it an ideal every day bra and it even goes well with a top that shows both, a back and a front decollate.

Get a fit!

Now, not one of those ;-) Get a session with a lingerie expert to fit you out with a bra that is just right for you. Most woman try to find the right bra alone, and a lot of them succeed. But having a one-off bra fitting session in a specialized lingerie shop will literally open your eyes to the possibilities you have when choosing this important piece of undergarment. Bring the dress or t-shirt that you want to wear with your new bra with you to the shop to see how the two fit together. In the end you don't want your bra showing under your wedding dress? A trained retail assistant can show you models you have never thought even looking at before. Don't forget to note down your size and style information after the fitting session, so that you can refer to it in future. As long as you don't change weight too much, you will need only one fitting session to get you started. And if you know exactly what fits and which size you need, you can take advantage of the, generally lower, online prices. Plus you are not “seen” when you buy your little secret, as you shop from the privacy of your own home ;-)

Even if you normally prefer the natural look of your body, special events and dresses might call for a bit of extra help to give you this gorgeous cleavage. Choose a type of push up bra that not only makes you look good, but also is comfortable for you. Remember, the best push up bra is the one, that makes you look AND feel your best. Only if you feel comfortable, you will irradiate this to your surroundings and in the end, that is all what you want to achieve!

Famous Makes of Push Up Bras

It all started off, back in the 70ties with the so-called wonderbra. I was a young girl back then and, boy, were they a revelation. You started with close to nothing and in the beat of an eyelid, you had a lot more to show off. Wonderbras set over night a stop to “bra stuffing” with socks, tissues and the like. “Victorias Secret” is perhaps today the best known producer, they offer a wide range that go from light to heavy push, in all imaginable shapes, styles and colors. They tend to be a bit on the prices site, so make sure to take advantage of one of their “special sales” when you come accross it! Other well-known companies include, Maidenform, Calvin Klein (of male underwear fame originally) and Distraction Bras.

Taking care of your new Push Up Bra

Best thing is obviously to follow the instructions for washing and general care that came with your purchase. In the end, the manufacturer knows best how to treat the material, but some advice would be to always hand wash them and to never put them in a dryer. Best way to dry them is laid out flat on a thick towel in the shade. Oh, and it might be obvious, but still, don't iron them ;-)

Alternatives to Push Up Bras

There are a lot of other possibilities around to give your girlies a little lift with out resorting to surgery. Whilst this article is about finding the best push bra for you, I will still mention a few of them.

Adhesive Bras

No straps, bands, nothing other than cups that adhere, nearly magically, to your breasts. They are great for shoulder-free, back-free and lots of cleavage dresses, but they don't provide much 'push'. They can be either disposable or re-usable and which one works for you, you simply have to try out. BTW, in the heat of summer or if you tend to sweat generally a lot, they might not be the best solution *hint,hint*.

Convertible Bras

These come in push and non-push varieties, but the thing they have in common is that their straps might be detached, re-arranged and adjusted in a multitude of ways. They are incredible versatile and fit under a lot of outfits. If you don't trust the idea of 'strapless', you can always opt for one with clear, plastic straps that are, nearly, invisible. I did so on my wedding day, I didn't want to risk any embarrassment in Church ;-)

Padded Bras

Are a bit the little sisters of a fully grown push up bra. They originate in the time-honored method of stuffing your bra with whatever comes to mind. Now, instead stuffing tissues in your bra you can now rely on the padded lining that comes with them. Whilst they give you a fuller shape (optically) they don't push nothing up ;-(

Racerback Bras

Are mostly worn under sport outfits, their straps cross in a Y- form, making them very apt in 'disappearing' under sporty outfits.

Soft-cup or Underwire Bras?

That is here the question. Whilst soft cups are more comfortable to wear, underwired bras are a bit more pushy. I prefer comfortable, but your mileage might vary.

A little round-up

Push Up Bras are available in nearly every form, shape and color imaginable nowadays. If you are new to this whole bra-fitting business, I strongly recommend that you go to a specialized lingerie shop and get a fitting session. If you still insist you want to shop on your own I do recommend Amazon for convenience and choice. Have a little thought about where and under which garment you want to wear your new push bra and which method you prefer. Remember water, air and gel bras have normally inlets you can adjust whilst padded bras come often as they are and soft cups are more comfortable than underwired bras but provide also less push. Yours the choice...

Beautiful Selection of Push-Up Bras

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Sam on 09/16/2012

Thanks Mira, try them out, especially when you are wearing a low-cut top ;-)

Mira on 09/12/2012

Wow, this articles makes me want to buy new bras. I never tried adhesive ones!

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