What are Spanx Pants?

by Sam

Nearly invisible and body-shaping, Spanx Pants can be a real fashion-life saver ;-)

Need to fit in that chic little dress that is just one size too small? Not feeling like going on a crash diet in order to be able to wear your favorite outfit to the next big event? No need to freak out, Spanx Pants come to your aid. Made of nylon they are the super-modern version of the old-fashioned corset and corsage, from the ribcage down, that's it. Forget about visible seams and rims, nowadays the material so smooth that it is practically invisible under your clothes. Only extremely tight fitting, spray-on type jeans might be able to give your little secret away. Depending on the Spanx pants model you choose, you have the choice between more or less tummy control and / or more or less tight control.

Are Spanx comfortable to wear?

Hm, remember the old saying 'who wants to be beautiful has to suffer'? Whilst certainly more comfortable than the models our mothers and grandmothers used to wear, it takes a bit to get into them and you certainly feel the pressure. But, in the end, that is what they were made for – making you appear slimmer by compressing your love handles ;-) But the good thing is because they have very wide leg and waist bands, they at least don't pinch you, nor do they cause ugly fat bulges between Spanx and the rest of the body. Both waist and tummy band are so thin, that they are nearly invisible, making it the ideal little helper to shape up your body temporarily in order to wear a nice summer dress or this stunning evening dress that you just fit in. Another advantage they have is that Spanx are cling free, means even the lightest fabric of your dress will not 'cling' to it and not 'climb / creep' upwards. A problem that frequently occurred in the past with other, similar materials.

What size to choose

Spanx come in a variety of sizes, and that is good so, as their effect depends greatly on that you choose the right size. When in doubt always choose the bigger one. No joke, Spanx are small out of the box and if you have a borderline figure, you will find it nearly impossible to fit into the smaller of two sizes. Therefor, if you are unsure with size to choose or to order, always go for the larger of the two sizes.

And going to the, you know, 'certain place'?

Spantex actually promotes its pants as an alternative to underwear and offers, what they call cutely a 'cotton double gusset opening' in order to be able to follow the call of nature without the need to remove the pants. But if you look at most reviews, it seems that this possibility is not really taken up by the ladies ;-) I must agree, when you need to go, take off, go and put on again.

The bad and the ugly about Spanx?

Not much really, due to being extremely thin, they are also sort of fragile, please handle with care if you want to have them for a long time to come. Especially avoid digging your fingernails into the fine fabric, that can cause holes and runs. As they are not exactly cheap, you will want them to last for quite some time.

Another problem, that comes with the nature of the beast, so to speak, is that they are a bit of a pain to get in to and out of, but what can you do. If you want to get your love handles compressed to lovely shape, than you have to learn to cope with tight fitting Spantex, that or go on a diet! If you have some, excuse me, fat rolls, directly under your girls, they might also be accentuated by the waistband, as the compression stops here. In this case you are best off in combing your Spanx with a nice bra that takes care of the sculpting of your top.

What about mini dresses and skirts?

Simple, choose the shortest ones and make sure the tight part end above the hemline. It doesn't look nice if your little figure secret is visible under your mini skirt. By choosing the right Spanx model you can avoid this.

A last word about their leggings

In case your problem is more in you butt, excuse me backside, and legs, the Spanx leggings might be a great solution. If you don't plan to wear a short dress or skirt, that is. They do work beautiful with pants and long dresses or skirts.

Please be nice and leave me a comment! What do you think about figure shaping underwear like Spanx? Rubbish? Waste of money? A godsend for last minute invitations?

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Updated: 07/05/2012, Sam
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MonisMas on 01/17/2013

Very cool. I don't own them, but I was wondering how they work. Thanks!

Sam on 08/24/2012

Yup, these invisible helpers can come in useful from time to time! SY

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

It's amazing what spanx is doing with support under garments.

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