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by Seelyon

If you're a long time gamer like me then it's hard to jump on the casual experience that is Candy Crush Saga. If you still want a puzzle matching adventure though there are options

If you're a long time gamer like me then it's hard to jump on the casual experience that is Candy Crush Saga. If you still want a puzzle matching adventure though there are options available.

While Candy Crush is fun I find it's casual focus a little too simplified for my tastes, I'm not the only gamer in this position so I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of other puzzle matching games that have a little bit more depth to them.

I hope you like the collection of options I've gathered and I'd love to hear from other games who enjoy a puzzle matching game but want something with more depth and strategy to it.

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Puzzle Quest Series

One Of The Best Matching Games For Gamers

The Puzzle Quest series is the top game option if you want a puzzle matching game with more depth. It combines traditional role playing elements with gem matching and features long length campaigns to enjoy. The list of available platforms is also a big attraction with option to play it on all sorts of consoles, computer and even smartphones.

Your character in the Puzzle Quest games are highly customisable with options for players to choose a class, their own stats and develop these elements further as they advance. Just like traditional role playing games you've got a main story line to follow but also side quests which can help you get gold, items and experience to advance.

Combat is where the puzzle matching shines through with turn based battles taking place on a single game board where you have to match tiles. Tiles come in various shapes and colours which each do different things, you've got coloured gems that build up your mana for spells, gold tiles, experience tiles, attack tiles and more.

Ultimately your goal is to take your opponents life down to zero by mixing and matching. You won't have success without careful planning which is what makes this game the perfect option for gamers.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

A Spin Off Game In The Puzzle Quest Series

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a spin off of the popular Puzzle Quest series that I featured above, it deserves a separate inclusion though because it's a free to play title and it combines the Marvel universe.

In the game you'll be putting together your own team of Marvel heroes as you battle all sorts of villains using the same match three style strategy that Puzzle Quest popularised. As a Marvel fan and someone who also really fell in love with the various Puzzle Quest games it was the perfect marriage of two game ideas for me and the free price tag took it that one step further.

When I first heard of the game I thought it wouldn't successfully combine the two but it did it quite well. There are some micro-transaction issues in the game (but it seems that is standard practice these days).

10 Million

Another Puzzle Matching Game With RPG Elements

10,000,000 (Ten Million) is a game that has you chasing a 8 figure score and I absolutely loved the game. It's available on PC, iOS and Android but I find that it really shines on smartphone devices, it's a little too simple to hold my attention on my computer but that's just me.

You'll find yourself waking up in a strange room and in order to earn you're freedom you'll need to reach a score of 10 million. Score is awarded as you adventure through the dungeon to slay monsters, open chests and more. With score multipliers that slowly grow it's a game of constant progression with great pacing.

Along the way you've got option to upgrade your weapons, armour and potions using the resources and experience that you collect. Reaching your score goal won't happen without these upgrades or overnight either and probably took me about a dozen hours to beat the game.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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