Quick Dry Jeans

by eslevy17

Quick dry jeans offer great comfort and low maintenance, turning jeans into great summer clothing for year round use.

Everyone loves jeans. They're comfortable, stylish, durable, and you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Except for summer.

Thick, heavy cotton denim is useless in hot weather, quickly becoming sticky and uncomfortable. Plus, it's awful on rainy days too.

Quick dry jeans are comfortable year round, wicking moisture and drying quickly to keep you cool and comfortable, or warm and dry. Smart fabric!

Why You Want Quick Drying Jeans

Quick drying, quick everything

There are a number of advantages to fast-drying denim fabric, and not just that they'll dry off from socially awkward spills a bit faster.

Quick drying fabric will keep you cooler on a hot day, by speeding the evaporation process and cooling off the fabric, thus keeping you cool and comfortable. Cotton, by contrast, accumulates moisture, and dries quite slowly. It can still dry in the heat of a summer day, but not as quickly, and the fabric will feel warmer.

It'll be more comfortable in cold climates as well. Since the moisture doesn't have a chance to stay there, it can't chill your body the way accumulated moisture in the middle of winter easily could.

Fast dry times are also quite helpful for laundering the clothing, especially if you're planning on hang drying the clothes. A regular pair of jeans might take a whole day to dry out, whereas quick drying fabrics might be ready to go in a matter of hours, depending on the climate. This is also helpful for machine drying, which is not only faster, but less energy intensive as well.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the fabrics used to make fast drying, high performance, super comfortable jeans:

Polyester Blend Jeans

Moisture wicking, quick drying polyester jeans

Polyester is a fabric many people are already quite familiar with, as the athletic fabric of choice for runners and other athletes all over the world. It is moisture wicking, quick drying, durable, easily laundered, and even recyclable. When implemented into denim, polyester can turn a pair of jeans into a summer pair of pants, which will keep you cool and comfortable in all but the hottest of conditions.

Most pairs of jeans that include polyester content usually include plenty of cotton, so it still feels rather like a pair of regular jeans. In fact, it's quite hard to tell the difference at all.

Of course, with all that cotton still included in the fabric, it's still going to take a while to dry out completely, but the more polyester, the faster it'll be.

Remember that options change quite a bit, so you'll have to click on the options below and have fun shopping!

Quicky Dry Nylon Jeans

Tough, durable, quick drying nylon jeans

Nylon is another synthetic fabric that can dry quite a bit faster than cotton, though not necessarily as fast as polyester. It also might not wick moisture quite as well, but this is usually less important in a pair of pants. But it will also be highly durable, easy to wash, and is generally more odor resistant than polyester.

It's far easier to find women's jeans that have nylon in them; for the most part the men's choices consist of "jeans-style" designs that mimic the cut of jeans, but not the denim fabric. On the other hand, some of these are constructed of 100% nylon or close to it, meaning they won't have the slow-drying disadvantage of cotton, which can be helpful when traveling, hiking, or in similar situations.

Check out the options below to see quick dry nylon jeans for men and women, and click to visit Amazon and shop for more:

Quick Dry Nylon Jeans for Men

Click to buy from Amazon!
Kuhl Men's Jean
Only $61.95
Kuhl Revolvr Men's Pant
Marmot Reston Pant - Men's
Only $84.95

Tencel Quick Dry Jeans

Semi-synthetic lyocell for comfort and moisture management

A relatively new fabric, called lyocell or Tencel, is probably going to become very popular, very soon.

Tencel is moisture wicking, quick drying, odor-resistant, and super comfortable. Because of its moisture management properties, it'll keep people comfortable, even in hot or cold conditions. The fabric itself is incredibly soft, feeling somewhat like cotton (more so than the synthetic fibers listed above), making it far more "normal" feeling than a pair of nylon or polyester jeans. In fact, they kind of feel like pajamas.

They won't dry as quickly as polyester or nylon, but they'll keep you quite comfortable throughout the day, and won't feel nearly as stuffy as heavy cotton denim.

Tencel is made from wood pulp. It might sound weird, but it can turn into an incredibly comfortable fabric during the processing phase. It's also a closed-loop process that prevents significant waste from developing, which, along with other factors, makes it environmentally friendlier than cotton.

Check out some Tencel jeans below and see if you can ever go back to cotton:

Which Fabric is Best for Fast Drying Jeans?

Pros and cons of quick drying fabric

Because there are plenty of options (if not necessarily easy-to-find choices), a few tips are in order.

  • Polyester will be best for fast drying, which can be particularly helpful if you plan on air-drying clothing after a wash, and the more polyester, the better. It's hard to find jeans that have a majority of their fabric made of polyester, so it's likely the polyester will provide a mitigating effect, rather than speed-drying magic powers.
  • Nylon is usually the toughest, and some companies make 100% nylon jeans, which can be great for hiking, climbing, and other situations. These don't often look quite like jeans, depending on who's making them.
  • Tencel is the most comfortable, by far. Since most jeans will be blended with cotton anyway, they'll all be comfortable, but Tencel is soft and plush. It will provide excellent moisture management, and will probably feel more comfortable than synthetic fabric.

So, with that in order, pick up a pair of quick drying jeans today, and go adventuring!

Updated: 05/03/2012, eslevy17
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eslevy17 on 04/09/2012

I hope they become more common. They solve the one weakness of denim. To varying degrees, of course.

katiem2 on 04/09/2012

Awesome, the only fault with jeans is the time it takes them to dry. I love packing jeans as I enjoy wearing them with everything when I travel. You can dress jeans up and or casual. They are just perfect for the world of travel. I really appreciate the quick dry jeans, thanks for the introduction.

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