Rave Furry Legwarmers-Leg Fuzzies For Ravers

by LPerry

Rave furry legwarmers come in many awesome color combinations and degrees of "furriness". Check out the latest legwarmer styles right here.

Are you looking for rave furry legwarmers online? Whether you need a pair for yourself, or have some in mind as a unique gift idea, there is no doubt that these are not your average pair of legwarmers. Raver leg furries are the ultimate party accessory! They are young, fun and trendy. I found them with LED lights, neon colors, extra fluffy widths and even some that glow neon-bright under blacklights. Check out some of the party-perfect styles that I have featured on this page. All of the rave furry legwarmers shown below are available through Amazon.com, which sells a nice variety of styles in many different price ranges.

White Rave Furry Legwarmers

Fluffy, cute and party perfect

white rave legwarmersWhite Long Fur Rave Furry Legwarmers Fluffies

 The first thing I have to say about these products is how fun they are to write about! I love unique apparel and these truly are. Although rave leg furries come in lots of shades and color combinations, white is so pretty in my opinion. Of course, I may be giving away my age, but these legwarmers remind me so much of what high school majorettes used to wear on their feet way back when.

Although these legwarmers are considered rave party apparel, you can wear them as part of a costume. The white fluffiness of these legwarmers also gives off the attractive apres' ski fashion look of pampered snow bunnies on the slopes of an expensive resort.

Leg Fuzzies For Ravers That Light Up The Dance Floor

Black LED Heart Light Up Rave Furry Legwarmers Fluffies

LED Rave fuzzy legwarmersWhen it comes to getting and staying in the party mood, check out the cool lighting effects of legwarmers that come with their very own lighting display. These rave furries come in black with either LED lights shaped like hearts or with lights that are round (featured below).

The pair shown here come with these features:

  • Made of high-quality faux fur
  • Legs are tapered to comfortably fit over shoes or boots
  • Lycra leg bands
  • Legwarmer is 22 inches tall and can be trimmed to fit
  • Comes with 12 LED Star pins

Rave Furry Legwarmers Come In Great Color Choices

Rainbow furry rave legwarmersOne of the Raviest (okay, that is not a word, but seems to work here :) ) looks in furry legwarmers are the ones that come in bright rainbow colors. Some manufacturers give you a choice of knee band colors to suit your individual taste.

Rainbow Furry Leg Warmers with Hot Pink Kneebands - Rave Costume Fluffies

Here is where it gets hard to choose! If you were a raver and could only buy one pair, which one of these great legwarmers would you pick?

I must admit that the rainbow versions are super-trendy and give off a lot of happy-go-lucky party vibes.

More Fun Colorful Fuzzy Rave Legwarmers On Sale

Rainbow Furry Leg Warmers with White Kneebands - Rave Costume Fluffies

Indyglo fluffies are manufactured using premium long pile faux fur, all knee bands are genuine Italian Lycra® which makes them stretchable and comfortable. These are small fluff...

Indyglo Clubwear
Furry Rainbow Legwarmers,3925,multi-colored,One-Size

Rainbow faux fur leg warmers are approximately 18.5" inches in length. Features include a silky smooth inner lining and 1" wide comfort elastic for a secure fit on the leg.Size:...

Leg Avenue Women's Furry Leg Warmers

Keep things cozy with these Furry Leg Warmers!

Leg Avenue
Meissa Furry Leg Warmers with Turquoise Kneebands - Rave Costume Fluffies

Indyglo fluffies are manufactured using premium long pile faux fur, all knee bands are genuine Italian Lycra® which makes them stretchable and comfortable. These are small fluff...

Indyglo Clubwear
Chara Fluffy Leg Warmers with Black Kneebands - Rave Costume Fluffies

These Indyglo fluffy legwarmers are manufactured using premium Chara long pile faux fur, with black knee bands made of genuine Italian Lycra® which makes them stretchable and co...

Indyglo Clubwear
Eclipse Fluffy Leg Warmers with Black Kneebands - Rave Costume Fluffies

Indyglo fluffies are manufactured using premium long pile faux fur, all knee bands are genuine Italian Lycra® which makes them stretchable and comfortable. These are small fluff...

Indyglo Clubwear

Blacklight Reactive Raver Booties

What will they think of next?

When I go to Amazon to research products, I am always amazed at the stuff they have for sale. That includes tons of products that either glow in the dark or come to life under a blacklight. You can get blacklight reactive cups, body paint, wigs, eyeshadow, lipstick and yes, rave legwarmers too!

Okay, these do look somewhat like big bird bedroom slippers, but who knows, they might be super-comfortable for all-night dancing.

What they do is glow neon-bright under blacklights which makes them wild and crazy and perfect for the party-goer who enjoys attention.

Imagine steeping out of your car wearing these on your feet! These are manufactured by a toy company called Toynk Toys. On the plus side, they are cheaper than most of the other fuzzies listed on this page.

Raver Leg Furries That Sparkle

Fun purple fluffies

These are an amazing example of just HOW fluffy manufacturers can make legwarmers. If you love purple and anything that sparkles, consider this style for your next purchase.


Furry Leg Warmers: Purple Sparkle Rave Furry Legwarmers Fluffies

In my opinion, fluffy  legwarmers are like wearing designer fur coats on your legs, only without the guilt because they are faux fur; no animals harmed. The only animal that could be harmed may be you out on the dance floor getting a little too exuberant!

What The Heck Is A Raver?

Rave PartyAccording to Wikipedia, a raver is somebody who attends rave parties (duh) which is typically a highly-energetic event based on electronic music and held in low-lighting. The rave party is at its best when combined with cool lighting effects like laser shows that harmonize with the beat of the music.

If you are a baby boomer or get headaches easily, a rave party is probably not going to be your thing. I myself have never attended one as I deplore loud music and crowds. However, writing about these trendy fashions and accessories is a hoot!

Raver clubwear for women can get really interesting. They combine many different shades, patterns and fabrics that can make them look like dolls, only edgier and punk-rock inspired.

Furry legwarmers are just one of the trendy garments that people can wear to a rave event. They are worn for other party occasions like the Mardi Gras and parades as well. Leg furries may not be practical, but they sure are fun!


Photo Credit: By Christian Kadluba from Vienna, Austria (Rave is King) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Updated: 02/19/2021, LPerry
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