Raven Queen Ever After High Dolls

by fitzcharming

She's the daughter of the Evil Queen in the Snow White fairy tale and an original member of the cast of Ever After Dolls.

Raven Queen's mom is the Evil Queen in Snow White. And Raven's destiny is to replace her mother in the famous fairy tale some day. After she completes her evil studies at Ever After High that is. But Raven isn't so sure she wants to be a despised and evil character her entire life. She's quite the Rebel at school, because she's trying to find a way to re-write destiny. Some of the Royal kids aren't happy about it at all

Raven the Rebel

Let me explain.  There are 2 groups of students at Ever After High.  Those that have a bright cheery happily ever after future.  They have the happiest personalities because they come from royalty and will continue to be heroes and royals in their tales and lore.  They are known, quite understandably as The Royals. 

Then there are the students that come from the disadvantaged sector.  They will grow up to be the characters we fear and despise in our fairy tales.  They are sent to Ever After High to learn evil spells, and how to frighten children.  Ugh!  Some don't want that at all.  It doesn't sound like a fun way to spend the rest of their lives.  So if there was a way to change all that..... These kids are called The Rebels.

But then what would happen to our fairy tales?  Would Snow White still be kissed by Prince Charming if she never tastes the poison apple?  How will she live happily ever after?  These are the stories the kids of our favorite fairy tale characters are living right now. 

Right away Raven refuses to take the oath and proclaim her destiny as the Evil Queen on Legacy Day.  It's a day when all the students vow to follow in their parents footsteps.  Evil just isn't what Raven is about.  When it's her turn, she turns half way through and runs away.  So Headmaster Milton Grimm sets about finding a way to convince Raven that evil isn't all that bad.

You Can Have Raven Queens Story Delivered To Your Kindle

Ever After High: Raven Queen's Story

Raven Queen - The Doll

Mattel is making these dolls as a follow up to their wildy popular Monster High School line.  I purchased all four of the original Ever After High Dolls as soon as they were available in the stores. Raven Queens signature colors are purple and black.  Her dress has feathered shoulders and a high collar made of plastic.  She's got long flowing hair and a spiky silver crown, much like her mother the Evil Queens.  She wears high black shoes with feather details on them and carries a black bag. 

These dolls are fashion size dolls but unfortunately Raven can't share clothes with the Monster High dolls.  That would have been nice.  They have big heads like most of the dolls I collect.  Big headed dolls speak to me. 

Raven Queen

I Bought My Raven Queen Doll At Justice Online - They Carry Other Ever After High Merchandise Too

Meet Raven Queen In Her Debut Ever After High Video

Ravens Ever After High Webisodes

In the first Ever After High webisode, Ravens Tale, we meet Raven Queen and realize she's not at all mean or evil. But her classmates expect her to be which makes for some funny encounters.  She is assigned to share a room with Apple White so Apple can relay the benefits of becoming the Evil Queen (benefits for Apple that is). 

In Stark Raven Mad there is an intervention by the faculty to convince Raven that evil is good.  Raven isn't impressed and becomes frustrated that her friends think she's supposed to be mean and conniving. 

And in True Reflections Raven accidentally breaks Apple's famous mirror.  She is afraid to admit it but Apple knows because breaking her mirror is just the sort of thing an evil roommate would do.  Poor Raven, so misunderstood.

Raven Gets The Evil Nudge and Raven Breaks Apple White's Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The New Dolls Are Available on eBay Too

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fitzcharming on 07/06/2013

I am looking forward to seeing the doll. Some people already have them and are posting you tube videos. They look really nice. Thanks for visiting kimbesa

kimbesa on 07/06/2013

She's an interesting character...wavering on the brink of good vs. evil. Interesting how she will interact with Apple White.

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