RC Cars

by Shaz

Radio Controlled or RC Cars are a great favourite with all age groups, including adults!

If you have ever watched anyone play with RC cars you will have realized just how much they love the sport. But everyone must ask the same question. Should I buy electric or Nitro RC cars?

It's a great pastime for all age groups, and is an activity that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather serves up.

Many people think that RC cars belong outdoors, but there are lots of models that are suitable for indoors at home, and there are also indoor raceway tracks where enthusiasts can meet run their vehicles. It really is great fun for all the family!

Electric RC Cars

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Electric vs Nitro RC Cars

Before You Buy Electric or Nitro RC Cars You May Want To Consider This...

When you go to buy your RC cars you will be faced with 2 options.  Should you buy electric or nitro? Your decision will depend largely on your situation. Do you have access to the outdoors like a park, a forest or at least a large backyard? Do you have friendly neighbours who don’t mind some noise from time to time? Are you mechanically minded and able to tune a vehicle? Would you be happy spending time maintaining the vehicle or do you just want to grab and go? Do you have access to an indoor raceway track?

All these questions will determine just what size and what type of RC cars you're interested in.

Nitro RC Cars


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric RC Cars


  • Less expensive to buy
  • Less complicated mechanically
  • Can be driven indoors
  • No continual fuel costs
  • Usually OK to run it on your street or in a large public park (out of the way)
  • A lot quieter with a smoother, and almost silent operation
  • It will be convenient because you need to just plug in for charging and your ready to go
  • Different manufacturing process leading to Less things that can go wrong
  • Generally speaking it will stay cleaner than a nitro rc car
  • Easier to work on for modifications and maintenance
  • More torque and speed


  • Batteries will usually take a while to charge (approx 2 hrs) so you have to plan ahead
  • Limited battery time, usually 20-30 minutes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nitro RC Cars


  • Some nitro cars are faster
  • Sounds a lot better – more like a real racing car
  • You can run it all day just by topping up the tank with fuel
  • Will draw attention to yourself - lots of kids will be asking you questions (this could be a disadvantage though because you will be distracted. You might also get complaints)


  • Can be messy with fuel and exhaust fumes and residue on car
  • The vehicle will need regular cleaning
  • Can be hard to tune if you are not familiar with them
  • Must keep an eye on the temperature to avoid overheating
  • You need a constant supply of fuel
  • Nitro RC cars are loud and you will therefore annoy your neighbors if they are close by
  • Long term costs of fuel is expensive
  • Can’t store on its side or upside down because fuel will leak out

Deciding to Buy RC Cars

Determine what RC Cars are right for you

Buy An RC Car For Maximum Fun

Whichever way you decide to go when you buy your RC cars, it is important that it is the right choice for you.  Try not to be swayed by what you have heard from friends or on the news or in magazines about this one or that one, because everybody has different circumstances.

If you haven't already done so, try to get yourself along to an indoor RC cars raceway track where you will be able to observe other peoples cars, and get some answers to whatever questions you might have. Most people will be glad to help you out if you strike up a conversation with them. After all they are passionate about their hobby and will love to have someone to talk to who is also interested.

You need to know that you will be able to get maximum enjoyment from it and no doubt you will have hours and hours of fun, meet new people, create a new buzz in your neighbourhood and get lots of kids talking about the latest and greatest racing toy on the block. Most of all have fun!

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Rose on 11/27/2013

These are great if you can go somewhere with a smooth path (or if you have long hallways indoors). Hours of fun.

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