The Secrets Of The Tarot Part 5 - Relationships And The Tarot

by Jerrico_Usher

Who'd of thought, tarot as a relationship tool! You'd be surprised just how effective this is!

One of the most useful things you can do with your Tarot cards is to keep your relationships on track. The Tarot can be used to foresee and prevent a whole host of problems, including arguments misunderstandings, dishonesty, alcohol / drug abuse and even infidelity.

Arguments are a part of every healthy relationship, however, sometimes it is better to avoid them. If you find that you are experiencing arguments that are based on misunderstandings and miscommunications, you can use the Tarot to forecast and prevent them by being aware of them and trying to communicate more clearly. Sometimes, misunderstandings arise and they are not even detected by the couple.

One party concludes X the other party concludes Y, and neither realizes that the other has come to a different conclusion! This can be detected and rectified much more easily through the use of the Tarot.It can even save the entire relationship.


Dishonesty is a killer

Even “little white lies” can add up over time.But the big problems usually come from a major breach of truth. Lying will eventually destroy a relationship but knowing about it makes it possible to deal with.

Tarot cards can be used to detect dishonesty even before it happens, and give you the heads-up to prevent it or deal with it from a position of knowing something is going on. 

This can be a powerful tool for saving a relationship, or saving yourself if the relationship is doomed. 

This is drawn out of our own sense of knowing and comprehending the most minute micro-movements, body language of our spouse, and more visual and sensory clues that you don't concisely process but definitely subconsciously process.

Tarot brings these "awareness's" to the surface and includes all it's top level associations with it (reasoning).

The images can help you see what your thinking but aren't admitting to yourself often due to not wanting to believe it. You could say it puts the cards on the table where even you can't avoid your own insecurities and awareness!

Another thing to think about is that we often lie to ourselves and don't realize it. It's how bad habits are perpetuated, and rationalizing happens.

Tarot cards can help you see past your own filters and self deception and get you out of the mess your in with your bad conscious filters that may be blocking solutions!

Worst of all is infidelity.

When your partner is romantically and/or sexually involved with someone else you are dealing with infidelity. This is usually so major that it will destroy a relationship once it is discovered, but it can sometimes be overcome.

If you see the possibility of infidelity, ask yourself what your partner needs that they are not getting from you.

Put down your insecurities and hurt, and realize that most people only stray when they have needs that are not being met.

Take this as an opportunity to fix the problems that would otherwise cause infidelity, and head them off before they become deal breakers.

You can also use the cards to see what you know but won't allow yourself to admit- that your partner may be lying to you or cheating.

If you find yourself faced with constant indicators of dishonesty an infidelity even when you are trying to make the relationship work by meeting their needs, then you are probably looking at a relationship that you need to end.

Such a partner is unlikely to ever change, and you can surely do better looking elsewhere.

Don't jump to any conclusions regardless of what the cards say, but use them as a way to break the ice and get your feelings out in the open.

You can always blame your suspicions on the cards but chances are if there is emotion backing your suspicions than your body already knows what your mind doesn't want to bear or admit because that could mean pain.

You can also use the cards to figure out how your partner sees you. Again we see all but process very little concisely. Often the only glimpse into what we actually know is in our dreams!

With tarot cards you can ask questions like does she love me and they will tell you in detail yes or no and why, and how, and what, and more.

This is not magic fortunetelling but rather decoding your own minds awareness hidden by filters of a variety of distracting sources.

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Updated: 12/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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