Remy Human Hair Extensions

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Remy Hair extensions are the best ones for hair weaving or even to clip in. Have a look at how I maintain my hair using them and other hair products.

Remy Human Hair Extensions are the best!

Ever since I moved from Africa, keeping my hair looking amazing in a different climate has been an uphill struggle. So I have had to revert to wearing hair extensions which means there is no limit to the amount of wonderful looks and hairstyles I can wear on my head now.  The only limit is my imagination or the brand of hair extensions I get. 

When I began, I was somewhat cheap so I tried to use just synthetic hair for my sew-in weave.  If you have ever used this, you know that they do not last that long and after a few washes and brushes, your hair starts to inch outwards and frizz a whole lot leaving you looking like some kind of frizz-head!  You spend all your time holding your hair down and running your fingers through it trying to maintain its form and reduce the tangles.  You put in a whole lot of hair detangling lotion which then weighs the hair down and it is all a bit horrid.

In those days, I would get home and glance in the mirror and be horrified as I considered how many people had seen me looking like such a mad lady!  My hubby just laughed at me.  So, as soon as my pocket book would allow it, I had to upgrade to the human hair variety of extensions. 

My journey to Remy Hair Extensions

At the start, I went with the cheaper brands of human hair and this too ended up being a mistake as it turns out the human hair in some of these brands are blended with synthetic hair in varying proportions so I always ended up with the same effect. Aargh!

My hairdresser suggested Remy Hair and finally I was convinced to give it a try and I am not looking back!  

Remy Hair Extensions are amazing!  They are the best kind.  They stay down, they can be treated like human hair and they still maintain their original form.  You can keep them in for ages, you are only limited by how quickly your hair grows under it.  My last set I kept in for about six months and it looked as great at the end as it did at the beginning.  The only thing I did in the middle was get the front re-tightened.

I was able to keep my hair clean and conditioned and it gave my actual hair time to rest and grow.  I was pleasantly surprised by the state of my own hair by the time I took the Human hair extensions out.

Saga Remy Hair

Now this is the best one on the market for a reasonable price.  You could spend $200 or more on hair but you do not have to in order to get great hair that sits right and wears well.  This hair is tangle free and does not get frizzy in the same way as the cheaper brands.

It comes in all colors, so whatever the color of your skin , there is a set for you.

Just this weekend, I was speaking to a friend from a different race about the thinning of her hair and I was able to suggest she consider hair extensions while waiting for her hair to heal up.  So, it is not just for the Africans.  Everyone can have full hair that they love.

Care of the Remy Hair Extensions

And now that you have found the hair of your dreams,  you must take care of it so have a look at what can be used to wash, dry and learn how to straighten hair.  

This will keep you looking your best at all times.

I usually leave my remy hair extensions to air-dry so I tend not to blow dry it.  I then brush it with a paddle brush when it is almost dry.  I love paddle brushes as they leave my hair feeling tangle free, smooth and soft.  

Paddle Brush to use on Human Hair Extensions

Denman Large Paddle Cushion Brush Ball-Tip Nylon Pins

Ball-tipped nylon pins in a soft rubber, air-cushioned base. Perfect for all hair types.

$23.86  $22.83

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Olivia Garden Large Ionic Cushion Paddle Hair Brush Eco-Friendly Bamboo

An eco-friendly, natural bamboo hair brush with Ionic technology. Its ion-charged bristles help restore hair balance and shine and promote faster drying. An anti-static, anti ...

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Goody Ouchless Colors Paddle Brush, Colors May Vary

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Use Human Hair Extensions to cover your whole head.

With hair extensions, did you know that you could cover your whole head and still look natural?

When I started out with human hair extensions, I really did not realize that there was something called a closure.  This is where the Remy hair is put onto either a mesh or a rubber backing which makes a natural parting so you do not have to leave any of your hair out if you choose not to.  This was a lifesaver for me especially after pregnancy when my hair was being particularly disagreeable.

Remy Human Hair Extensions are the best on the market.

No doubt about it.

Remy Human hair extensions have been amazing and a life saver for me.  As long as I take care of my hair underneath and take care of the hair extensions as well, it can last for a very long time so the initial investment does not seem too painful.

You could even treat yourself to some hair feather extensions to go with your amazing hair.

Updated: 01/24/2012, MuminBusiness
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