Republicans MIGHT forgive him being gay, but for this other thing? Um

by DeepBrainMedia

Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Paul Bebeu is an immigration hawk who wants to send all the illegals back over the border. Unless he's tener relaciones sexuales con ellos, lo que es.

Republicans can forgive anti-gay preachers for hiring boy prostitutes. But can they forgive a rising star in their party, a rabid anti-immigration hawk, yet for engaging in a long term sexual relationship with a (gulp) "persona del mismo sexo?"

Well. That might not go over so well.

Ay, Yi, Yi, Yi!

Muy Malo, Paulo! Muy MUY Malo!

Republicans are generally ready to forgive most any sin, as long as it's committed by a Republican.

Preach family values, then get caught with a hooker who makes you wear diapers?  Congressman? Welcome to the Senate!

Preach family values, then cheat on your sick first wife and divorce her so you can marry the woman you were cheating with until she gets sick, then you cheat with another woman and divorce the sick woman you cheated on your sick first wife with?  Dude!  You're the Speaker of the House!

But we might be forgiven if we think that anti-gay, anti-immigrant Republicans might look just a little askance at this latest faux pas.


Frisk me, officer! You never know WHERE I might be hiding something!
"I'm gonna screw you until your face is all blurry, amigo!"
"I'm gonna screw you until your face is all blurry, amigo!"

¡Qué terrible situación!

Here's what we do to illegals in Pinal County, Arizona, Jose!

We take 'em home and love 'em and cuddle 'em and shower them with gifts (and other stuff not quite so lovely) and it's not hypocritical because I'm the Sheriff of Pinal County and I ain't never said nothin' bad about the gays.

Just about the Mexicans.  The illegal ones, that is.  Like I said to my good friend Senator John McCain when he was here back in 2010...

"Senator, you're one of us!"

"No I'm not, Paul. No, I most certainly am not!"

El sheriff es un homosexual. No es que eso es una cosa mala.

Does anyone here remember ever hearing Sheriff Paul say anything bad about gays or gay marriage?

No?  Me neither.  He's just a member of a party that wants to suppress gay rights.  He's a member of a party that thinks gays are second class citizens.  He wants to be a congressman, representing the 4th District of Arizona.  There's already an openly gay lawmaker in the Arizona.  He's a Democrat.  Does anyone think the GOP is going to elect this guy to the Congress?

Eso es un tatuaje rudo, mi amigo!

Boom shikka wow shikka shikka wow wow!
Seems like a nice, conservative feller, don't he just?
Seems like a nice, conservative feller, don't he just?

¿Qué pasa con los niños? ¿No que alguien por favor piense en los niños?

Even if he survives the gay thing... he ain't gonna survive the gay with a MEXICAN thing.

Not in Arizona, he ain't!

Not as a person who has taken the stage at CPAC and talked all kinds of mierda about Mexicans, he ain't.

Not as someone who says he never even really gave all that much of a thought to Jose's legal status, he ain't.

Not as someone who is charged by Arizona law to detain and inspect the citizenship or legal immigration papers of anyone who he suspects of being illegal, he ain't.

Can everyone see my cojones OK?

This will not auger well with the Conservative voters of Arizona's 4th District.
Besame, besame mucho! Como si fuera esta la noche La ultima vez!
Besame, besame mucho! Como si fuera esta la noche La ultima vez!

But what do you REALLY think of Mexicans?

And be honest. This is CPAC. There's no place for lying at CPAC!

But he's still got that gig with the Romney campaign, right?

They're gonna stand by their brother in uniform who is protecting the border, right?

Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul gave TPM the following statement: 

Sheriff Babeu has stepped down from his volunteer position with the campaign so he can focus on the allegations against him. We support his decision.

El sheriff acabó debajo del autobús.

But we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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Updated: 02/18/2012, DeepBrainMedia
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