Funny and Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

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Looking for unique and funny retirement gift ideas? Browse through this exclusive selection that retirees will surely love!

While some senior citizens are more accepting of retirement, some people are NOT. To them, retirement is a scary thing, a welcome message from old age, and a time of terminal boredom. If someone you know thinks this way, lighten up the mood by giving him a funny and unique retirement gift.

This article will walk you through a funny collection of gift ideas.

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Funny Books About Retirement

Are you planning on giving an inspirational book for the retiree? Why not change your theme, and instead give a funny book about retirement? 

On your right are three books that you may want to consider. 

The first one is a book filled with jokes that take the form of question-and-answer quizzes. It's a great way to look at aging and retirement in a positive way, don't you think? 

The second one is from Dr. Seuss. Of all the books published by this brilliant author, this one is not meant for children but old people. It takes about medication, medical procedures, and those pesky things you do when you get old. But don't worry because Dr. Seuss makes aging and retirement something not to be sad about but something to "laugh" about. 

The last book is the perfect gag book. It's clever, intelligent, and witty. It may have a presentable book cover, but if you look inside, the pages are blank! As if to say retirees won't have that much after retirement. 

What You Don't Know About Retirement: A Funny Retirement Quiz

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You're Only Old Once! A Book for Obsolete Children

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Life after Retirement: Blank Gag Book

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Hilarious Signs and License Plates

Retired employees can put these signs and license plates on their car, or their front yard for everyone to see. And the happy reaction, giggles, and smiles from the people reading them will be priceless. 

I personally love the first item, which reads: Retired but working part-time spoiling my grandkids. My grandma used to do that when I was little. What about you? Which one's your favorite?

Big Retirement Gift Card

We normally write send-off notes and inspirational messages to people we care about using standard size cards. This time, ditch the normal greeting cards, and write your messages on big cards. Look to your right. Aren't the cards humongous? 

These giant cards are made from a special kind of corrugated plastic to make sure that it stands firm and durable. Plus, it comes with its own sturdy envelope. 

Also, the envelope is as big as the card itself, so it makes a perfect storage for other paper souvenirs such as photographs, files, and some documents. 

As for the design, rest assured that the images that you see on them now will be exactly how they are when you receive them. They're printed in full color, and the message on the card when you open it is also as good as the images. 

Though there are only 2 cards / styles presented here, the card makers have several designs for you to choose from.

Retirement Cash Box

When I was young, I would ask my grandparents to give me money so I can buy some ice cream or some childish treats. When they approve of my request, I watch them open their cabinet and get a cash box, which acted like a safe or vault.

So when I saw this cash box, memories of my childhood came flooding in. Though some retirees would not find this gift funny, others would definitely find it useful. 

Funny Wall Clock and Timer

During retirement, old folks will have a lot of time for anything. They don't have to wake up early the next morning to make it on time for work. They don't have to deal with demanding bosses, or angry clients.

As a reminder of this "freedom," here are two time-related items that retirees will find funny -- a wall clock with scattered numbers, and a timer for a retirement countdown. 

"Who Cares, I'm Retired" says the wall clock. And the numbers are out of order, trying to say that time is never an issue during retirement. Isn't that funny? 

As for the timer, you can throw a party for your colleague or co-worker (or even your parents) and set the date so it counts down. 

Which one of these gifts will you most probably get?

"Retired" Shirts

Statement shirts always work because they are clever, so people would always stop and look (or make a peek). 

For sure, people will have a double look when a retired person walks by wearing any of these funny statement shirts. Pick your choice. 

Retirement Glasses and Mugs

Retirees will definitely have a lot of time to drink whiskey and beer with their friends. Don't you think the messages on these items are appropriate? They read "Lazy Days Ahead" and "It Feel Good in Retirement Hood." Hilarious!

More Unique and Funny Gift Ideas

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