Review of Campbell’s Chunky Beef & Bean Roadhouse Chili

by StevenHelmer

I ended up buying a can of this for chili dogs yesterday. Read to find out what I thought of it.

Product Description: Canned beef and bean “roadhouse flavored” chili from the Campbell’s Chunky Soup brand. I purchased a can of this chili at one of our local grocery stores yesterday afternoon for $2.37, heated it in the microwave and used the chili when my wife and I made chili dogs last night for our family dinner.


My wife recently purchased a new brand of hot dogs and wanted to use them last night. However, since I’m actually not a huge fan of plain hot dogs, I convinced her to let me stop at the store and get a can of chili so we could have chili dogs instead. When I got there, I ended up purchasing a can of Campbell’s Beef & Bean Roadhouse Chili.

There were a couple reasons why I made this decision. The first was the fact, with the exception of a store brand I don’t like; this brand wasn’t any more expensive than my other available choices. The fact I didn’t have to spend any more on it was definitely a plus.

The other reason is I’ve purchased this brand in the past and, while I didn’t remember much about it while I was at the store, I did remember liking it. That familiarity also aided in my decision. And, as it turns out, it was a good choice.

Chunky Roadhouse Chili
Chunky Roadhouse Chili
Photo By Steven Helmer

While some might argue this chili was a little too soupy for chili dogs, I personally loved the taste of this when I added it to the bun. There are large pieces of meat in it that complement the beans (which are in a larger quantity than I was expecting) and gave it a thicker feel than many other canned brands.

Also, unlike plenty of other canned chili brands, this brand had quite a bit of flavor to it. It wasn’t too spicy (another plus since I know my stomach probably wouldn’t have handled that too well) but had enough seasonings in it to give it a noticeable flavor. In other words, it wasn’t bland like so many other brands and was well worth my money as a result of that.

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Final Opinion

As I mentioned, this is a little more soup-like than some other canned chili brands. But, it still worked well with the chili dogs and the flavor was fantastic. If you are looking for a canned chili brand, this is the one I would recommend looking for.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 09/11/2015, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/04/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
Too soupy chili can make the bun distastefully soggy if the bread is not fried, grilled or toasted. But I find that consistency quite welcome on stiffer bread, such as occurs with frying, grilling and toasting.

What was different about the hot dogs that your wife selected?

blackspanielgallery on 09/11/2015

Unfortunately, my low sodium diet has not allowed chili, even though it is something I enjoyed until a few months back.

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