Review of Mrs. Thinster's Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins

by StevenHelmer

We purchased a bag of these while shopping at Costco this past weekend. Read to find out what I thought of them.

Product Description: Thin, crispy toasted coconut cookies from the Mrs. Thinster's brand made with no artificial ingredients and no corn syrup. We purchased a bag of these cookies for $6.89 while shopping at Costco this past weekend and have had the cookies both as a dessert and as a mid-afternoon work snack.


One of our favorite things about our routine Costco shopping trips is having an opportunity to try the various free samples they offer throughout the store. More often than not, we are able to show some self control and not make a purchase solely off of that. However, on occasion, this has led to a spur-of-the-moment purchase. 

That was the case with the Mrs. Thinster's Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins we had an opportunity to sample this past weekend. At first, I figured they would be just another free sample. I was not expecting us to place a bag of them in our cart right after. But, that turned out to be the case and I'm more than happy with that decision.

Mrs. Thinster's Cookies
Mrs. Thinster's Cookies
Photo by Steven Helmer

The thing I personally find attractive about these cookies is how light they are. I'm not much of a dessert person and, when I do have sweets, prefer them in somewhat small quantities. These cookies are light enough for me to eat a couple of them without feeling like I bogged myself down with a bunch of unnecessary calories.

I also found I love the taste of these cookies. You can definitely taste the roasted coconut when you eat them, something I really do enjoy. In fact, everyone in my family likes the flavor of these cookies, something that was a bit surprising considering our youngest daughter (the one who actually put the bag in our cart) doesn't normally like coconut.

The fact the cookies are crisp is also a nice plus. This is not something I normally prefer (I actually prefer softer cookies). But, because they are so thin, the crispness is actually a nice complement to the flavor. And, as a result, they are even more enjoyable.

Mrs. Thinster's TOASTED COCONUT Cookie Thins 16 Oz

These cookies were so light and unbelievably tasty

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Final Opinion

This was a splurge purchase. But, after having an opportunity to try these cookies both as a dessert and a mid-afternoon work snack, I can honestly say I don't regret spending the money on them.

My Grade: A

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DerdriuMarriner on 03/14/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
It's always helpful to know about a delicious, good-looking, versatile food that does double duty as dessert and for snacks.

Would it be at all workable to have this for a hurried, light breakfast with hot chocolate, coffee or tea? Or would it be asking for a sugar rise -- sort of like too much orange juice -- too early in a hectic day?

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