Review of Our Family Traditional Pasta Sauce

by StevenHelmer

I used this product last night when making spaghetti for dinner. Read to find out if I thought it was worth my money.

Product Description: Jarred traditional-seasoned pasta sauce from the Our Family brand. I purchased a couple jars of this product a couple weeks ago for $2.50 while shopping at one of our local grocery stores. I ended up using this pasta sauce last night when I decided to make spaghetti as a dinner for my family.


I decided to do some much-needed grocery shopping a couple weeks ago and, as I was stocking up on food, I decided to make a trip to the pasta sauce section, primarily because we never seem to have it handy when we want to make something that requires it.

I have a couple brands I prefer. However, the Our Family brand happened to be on sale and, since the lower price was attractive, I decided to buy a couple jars of the "traditional" variety. I finally got around to using it last night when my youngest daughter and I made spaghetti for dinner and, overall, I think it was a good purchase.

Our Family Pasta Sauce
Our Family Pasta Sauce
Photo by Steven Helmer

I have purchased plenty of bargain brands of pasta sauce in the past and, while I have found some good ones, there have been just as many that were a disappointment. That's why, when I decided to try this brand, I did pick up some of the pasta sauce I normally purchase too, just in case.

However, as far as flavor goes, this sauce was actually pretty decent. One of my biggest complaints about most bargain brands is they tend to be a bit on the bland side. That was not the case with this brand. There were quite a few seasonings in the sauce and it had a good overall flavor. As a result of this, I didn't feel the need to "doctor it up" as I normally feel forced to do with the cheaper pasta sauce choices (though I did add some sweet peppers, mushrooms and hamburger just to fill it out a bit).

The sauce was also thicker than I was expecting. This, again, isn't always the case with some of the cheaper brands and I've purchased quite a few that were almost water-like when they came out of the jar. This is something I do look for when I purchase jarred sauce because I don't always have time to add to it like I did last night and, on occasions like that, the thicker it is, the better.

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Final Opinion

This is a decent brand that has a lower price on it than many of the other choices on the shelf. As a result, I would purchase this brand again and do recommend it.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 02/04/2016, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I appreciate having on hand, or at least keeping in mind, quality products such as this sauce for when what I make fresh underanticipates the number of guests and of re-serving requests.

How would the pasta sauce have been without the added hamburger, mushrooms and peppers?

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