Review of Shullsburg Creamery Italian-Style Soft Bread Sticks

by StevenHelmer

I purchase these bread sticks on a regular basis. Read to find out why.

Product Description: Italian-style bread sticks from the Shullsburg Creamery brand which are sold in the dairy section fresh rather than frozen. I have purchased a 12-pack of these bread sticks on several different occasions while shopping at one of our local grocery stores. This includes this morning, when I purchased them for $2.69.


Thanks to a hectic schedule this week, including two nights of ice skating, we haven't been able to have a home-cooked dinner. I decided to rectify that tonight by making ravioli for dinner and, before going to work, stopped by one of our local grocery stores to pick up some sauce and other things I needed.

While shopping, I decided to pick up some bread sticks to go with the ravioli and, after glancing at some of the options available in the store's freezers, once again headed over to the dairy section so I could buy a bag of Shullsburg Creamery Italian-Style Bread Sticks.

Shullsburg Creamery Bread Sticks
Shullsburg Creamery Bread Sticks
Photo by Steven Helmer

This is a product I discovered some time ago while shopping at the same store. At the time, I was looking for some bread sticks and ended up purchasing this brand because it was more affordable than the frozen options. After having them that first time, I, along with my family, was hooked.

There are a couple things I really like about this brand. The first is the one I just mentioned, the price. Most of the other options I have to choose from at our local stores run around $3 and have less quantity. Not only is this brand more affordable than most, the 12 bread sticks are enough for more than one meal, adding even more value to our purchase.

I also love the fact these bread sticks are fresh rather than frozen. When I first purchased them, I didn't think I would notice any difference. But, there definitely is. Not only do the bread sticks taste fresher, they are always come out much softer than the frozen bread sticks we've purchased in the past. In fact, even my picky children love these much more than the frozen brand. My youngest daughter can eat two or three of these by herself.

As far as cook time goes, these aren't any harder to make than any other bread stick. I usually end up making these in our toaster oven and they are fully baked and ready to be eaten in a matter of minutes.

One of my biggest concerns when I first purchased this product was how long the bread sticks would keep in our refrigerator. Since they were fresh, I figured they would end up going bad after only a short amount of time. However, we've managed to keep these in our fridge for weeks and they've been just fine. This is just another huge plus when it comes to this product because I'm able to save money and get more for my money without any legitimate concerns about having to throw some of these away.

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Final Opinion

If you like bread sticks, I highly recommend visiting your store's dairy section and seeing if these are available for purchase. I'm confident you'll love them as much as my family does.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 05/19/2016, StevenHelmer
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Judy on 05/20/2016

These sound delicious, I will have to see if they are available around here

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