Review of the NutriSlicer Vegetable & Fruit Slicer

by StevenHelmer

A review of the kitchen tool I purchased as a family Christmas gift.

Product Description: Countertop kitchen tool that slices vegetables, fruits and cheese using removable stainless steel blades that are turned with a hand crank. I found this device at one of our local department stores a few weeks ago for about $15 and purchased it as a "family" Christmas gift this past holiday season.


I came across this particular kitchen item while I was doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. It looked interesting and it happened to be on sale so, after some contemplation, I decided to pick it up as a gift for the entire family (but mostly my wife and me).

The thing that I found most attractive about this slicer was the size. We already have a food processor that works really well. However, it is somewhat bulky and a bit of a pain to set up and clean and, as a result of that, it goes unused a good chunk of the year. I figured, at minimum, this one would be easier to use and, as an added bonus, it would take up less shelf space. 

We had a chance to use it this week and, overall, are happy with this purchase. 

Image Courtesy of Steven Helmer Publi...

We haven't tried to use it to slice cheese just yet, but did use the slicer on some vegetables (cucumbers and carrots included). One of my biggest concerns when I purchased this was it would be more difficult to slice the vegetables using a hand crank rather than an electric processor. However, the blades cut right through everything we were slicing up and I can honestly say it did as well as the electric one without any added difficulty.

Clean up was easy as well. There are three blades to choose from and they are easy to remove and wash when you are done. I think it took only a couple minutes to wash everything up.

The only negative we experienced was the suction cup on the base of the slicer (to hold it in place on your counter) didn't work as well as we would have preferred. It took several tries to get it to stay firmly in place and that was after we moved it to a couple different surfaces. But, once we did get it to stick, we got our vegetables sliced quicker and easier than it would have been by hand.

Final Opinion

Overall, I feel this was a good kitchen investment, especially at the reasonable price. I can see us getting a lot of use out of this kitchen tool and would recommend it.

My Grade: B+

Updated: 01/02/2021, StevenHelmer
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StevenHelmer on 01/08/2021

We originally tried to use it on the flat surface of our stove and that didn't work at all. It sticks to the metal countertop on our kitchen island though.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/08/2021

StevenHelmer, Thank you for the pictures, practicalities and product.
What types of surface were least and most accommodating for keeping the slicer in place?

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