Review of the Waterpik Cayman Handheld Shower Head

by StevenHelmer

I purchased this product at Costco. Read to find out if it was worth my money.

Product Description: Handheld shower head from the Waterpik brand that can be used both as a handheld shower and as a normal shower head and has 14 water settings. I purchased this product while shopping at Costco last week for $39.95. We installed the shower head this past weekend and have been using it since.


My wife and I had looked at this particular shower head on a couple different occasions while doing some other shopping at Costco and, last week, I decided to finally buy it. The main reason for this purchase was our current shower head was getting worn out (and was starting to leak). However, after installing it and trying it, I have to say this product exceeded my expectations to the point I probably would have made this purchase even if I didn't need to.

One of the first things I noticed about this product was how easy it was to hook up. Since I was the one who paid for it, I let my wife do the install and it took her about 10 minutes total. This included her opening the package. The instructions were easy to follow, there wasn't much work involved and the parts fit exactly where they were supposed to fit without any real effort.

Waterpik Shower Head
Waterpik Shower Head
Photo by Steven Helmer

I actually prefer traditional shower heads to handheld ones and appreciate the fact this one can be used as both. And, the 14 different settings, ranging from rainfall-like to pulsing massage (which does feel nice on tired muscles) ensure everyone in the family gets the shower they prefer.

One thing in particular that really stood out for me with this product is its water-saving mode. Even without the benefit of conserving water, this is something my youngest daughter really likes because she doesn't like having a lot of water coming at her at once. This water restriction allows my wife to dial it down enough where my youngest daughter is comfortable getting her hair washed, something that wasn't the case with our old shower head.

I should also mention the hose on this handheld shower head seems to be much longer than our previous one. This also has a benefit because it makes it much easier to use if our youngest daughter decides she'd rather take a bath but still needs her hair washed (something that previously required her to stand up).

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Final Opinion

I did, admittedly, have some doubts about this product when I purchased it and honestly wasn't expecting it to be any better than the one we already had. However, the shower head exceeded my expectations and I do feel it was a good purchase for my house.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 03/14/2017, StevenHelmer
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judy on 03/15/2017

That's wonderful to hear, glad you all enjoy it & that it was g good purchase

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