Review of Turkey Valley Farms Ground Turkey

by StevenHelmer

I purchased this product because it was on sale. Read to find out what I thought of it.

Product Description: Frozen ground turkey product from the Turkey Valley Farms brand. I purchase two 16-ounce packages of this ground turkey at one of our local grocery stores last week for $1.50 per package. I ended up using one of the packages last night when I made a dinner for two for my wife and me.


I don't normally buy ground turkey. Even though I know it's supposed to be better for me, I can rarely find it at a good price and, in all honesty, haven't ever been a huge fan of the flavor. However, I was grocery shopping last week and the store happened to have the 1-pound packages of the Turkey Valley Farms Ground Turkey on sale for just $1.50 so I ended up picking up a couple of them.

They've been in my freezer ever since. But, my youngest daughter had dance class last night and, since I knew that meant my wife and I would probably be eating later as a result of that, I decided to make the kids something simple and make some Hamburger Helper for us as a late dinner for two.

When I did this, I discovered we didn't have any hamburger in our freezer and I decided to try the ground turkey instead. My opinion of it ended up being mixed.

Turkey Valley Farms Ground Turkey
Turkey Valley Farms Ground Turkey
Photo by Steven Helmer

There were a couple things I found I liked about this product when I was using it. The one that stood out almost immediately was the lack of grease when I was browning it on the stove. This surprised me a bit because I've had other ground turkey in the past and never noticed a difference as far as the grease. So, seeing less grease from this brand was a big plus.

Also, while I still wasn't a huge fan of the turkey's taste, I did find it worked pretty well in the Hamburger Helper. While I wouldn't say it made dinner better, the fact I used turkey instead of beef wasn't anything that was overly noticeable either.

My biggest problem with this product was the apparent lack of quality control. Both my wife and I found bones in our food (I also found a long hair but that could have easily come from my wife or either of my daughters), something that was very disappointing and really shouldn't happen. In fact, I was very glad it was just my wife and I eating this because I would hate the idea of one of my girls choking on something like that. And, as a result of that, even though the turkey wasn't bad up until that point, I did find I wasn't as impressed with it as I hoped I would be.

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Final Opinion

I do still have one more pack of this turkey in my freezer and will likely use it for something. But, after our experience finding bones, I will definitely be eating it with some caution and don't plan on buying this product again.

My Grade: D

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Updated: 01/29/2016, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/11/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
That's so disappointing and unsettling what opening and preparing pretty-packaged ground turkey did to you all. Is it possible to let the store know if there are bones and hair in the other package?

Also, what would you think of turkey bacon? It'd be difficult to find bones and hairs in that!

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