Rion Professional Greenhouses Review

by Jerrico_Usher

Review and discussion about the popular Rion Professional Greenhouses. Covering several models and their characteristics. Resources also inside.

Gardeners are always looking for ways to extend their growing season. Some people will start seeds indoors during late winter to get a head start on spring. This works well as a temporary measure, however, it may not be long before you run out of space to accommodate all of the plants you want to grow. This is where greenhouses are incredibly convenient and powerful. With a greenhouse you are no longer a slave to the outside conditions where growing your garden or plants are concerned. No more worrying about the weather. In a greenhouse YOU control the weather!

In this article we're going to review and discuss one of the most popular brands (for good reason) of greenhouse. Rion Professional Greenhouses. These are weather resistant and attractive. The various models provide easy assembly, tough safety glazing, resin framework (maintenance free), UV protection, good air circulation / heat control, and fully insulated double wall polycarbonate design to resist tough weather conditions. They're designed to attract the sun and resist the cold. They can support up to 1100 pounds of snow (tested) and offer color choices like hunter green and alpine white.


Rion GH44 greenhouse
Rion GH44 greenhouse

Rion Prestige Greenhouses Make An Ideal Habitat For Plants And Flowers

Gardeners use greenhouses to extend the growing season and to create specific conditions that allow for growing certain plants and flowers. You can purchase or build greenhouses in many different styles and sizes. A very popular greenhouse model is the Rion Prestige.

It's one of several that is formed with polycarbonate panels. The roof uses double polycarbonate panels, while the walls use clear panels. They are often held together with a dark green frame. This design allows in the maximum amount of light, while still presenting an attractive structure for the backyard or garden.

Rion Prestige greenhouses uses a modular design that offers more options over many others. Modular in this sense means you can build small or large in the same framework. It allows for additions and even connecting two greenhouse units together. The ability to grow as your budget allows and as your ambitions allow, is a god-send!

Gardeners can add on to the basic greenhouse structure. Additions are relatively simple because the initial construction design is designed to be simple yet effective.

The manufacturer uses special connectors that you can push and fit together. It's expected that a couple or small team (family?) can assemble, all but the largest greenhouses, in one weekend with no experience.

The Prestige has easy to follow assembly instructions and a step by step video (included) with every structure. The Prestige doesn't require any additional tools to assemble it. When you think about it that's pretty fantastic. It goes up like a tent but doesn't require ground spikes or frustration.

Setting this model apart are several accessories that are included with the greenhouse. The specific number of accessories that comes with each greenhouse depends on the overall size of the greenhouse.

Accessories such as misters and fans help to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. Shelving and modular stackers also add to the usefulness of the greenhouse. 

Automatic vent openers and window louvres release excess heat. The vents open when the temperature reaches a certain degree and closes again when the inside temperature has cooled sufficiently. Similarly, the automatic window louvres are designed to regulate temperature without constant intervention from you! 

In addition to opening and closing vents and windows, you can use shade cloth to reduce the temperature.

There will be times when the heat inside the greenhouse can be detrimental to the health and well being of the plants even with the best of preparations. Aluminet shade cloth spread over the roof of a Rion Prestige greenhouse regulates daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Overnight, plants release radiation that hits the shade cloth during the day. The cloth reflects the radiation back towards the plants, providing them with heat while the sun is down. It's a brilliant solution! Together, the structure and accessories create an ideal environment for plants to thrive in.

Rion Professional Greenhouse

(for the serious Gardner or small business)

This is like the aforementioned modular model but designed for more robust growing and nurturing. This is the perfect option if you need extra space for seedlings and storage. This Rion model is sold as a kit that you can construct right on your property. A modular design allows you to build your greenhouse in stages as your gardening needs and budget changes.

Building the greenhouse is a simple do-it-yourself project. Without a need for tools you can also take it down with as much ease if you wish to move it to another property or part o the property. The walls of the Rion Professional are made of UV coated double walled polycarbonate panels.

The Rion GH44 Greenhouse

Made in the the traditional shape of a barn this is a fun structure to have. The roof is wider and there is more growing room overall than in an "A" frame style greenhouse. It's design, it seems, is more than simply great aesthetics!

In its base state (raw bones model or core), it has 4 wide and long panels, however, as with others in the Professional series, you can extend the greenhouse with an additional kit. (back to the start small and grow as your needs change mentioned above).

The manufacturer pre-drills holes into the frame that you can use to secure the greenhouse to a concrete slab or a wooden floor/foundation.


Professional Series

The Professional series accomodates many accessories that help you produce the most vibrant, healthy, potent herbs, plants and flowers possible.

It's essential that a greenhouse has a way to regulate temperature and moisture levels. Adding heaters, fans and a misting system will allow you to grow any number of plants.

Heaters are useful to help overcome night time temperature spikes and extended periods of overcast days. Fans are very important for circulating the air. Fresh air as well as temperature controlled air are important to environmental conditions that incubate the plants without shocking or inhibiting them. Greenhouses tend to be warm and humid. Stagnant air will inhibit plant growth.

Greenhouses need to be fully insulated but allow for bringing in fresh air when needed, as well as expelling hot (or cold) air as needed. During the day greenhouses are designed to absorb solar radiation and at night the plants feed on it, even use it to stay within safe temperatures.

In winter, your greenhouse should be built somewhere where it will receive maximum sunlight/energy.

If that spot is also very sunny during the summer, a shade cloth over the top of the greenhouse will reduce the temperature.

Rion Prestige
Rion Prestige

Rion Greenhouse Reviews By Model/Number

More Available Greenhouses And Their Features/Specifics


Rion 45608BL -

This Rion model is a 6x10 professional greenhouse that is easy to put together and is a great solution for the home gardener who wants a professional greenhouse.

It features a galvanized steel base, sturdy aluminum frame and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate panels that provide 100% UV protection.


Rion EG45808 -

This is the Rion Easygrow model with double doors.

It is 8x8 in size and features a heavy gauge aluminum frame, powder covered roof vent and a hinged door.

Like other Rion greenhouse models, this one is easy to assemble.


Rion STC4-12P

This is one of Rion's Prestige models that is a bit bigger than the other models mentioned above. This one can be either 6 or 8 feet wide and 24 feet in length. It includes 5 roof vents, polycarbonate side panels that provide UV protection, two tier rain gutters for each side, 5 louvered windows, automatic operation for vents and windows, one solar light and two hinged doors. It is truly for the gardening enthusiast.


Rion STC4-12GG -  

This is Rion's Green Giant model with 5 roof vents, twin opaque walls, two tier rain gutters, 5 side windows and automatic operation like the Prestige model. This model is 8x24 and provides plenty of walking room as well as specific areas for hanging plants.


There are many models available beyond these but these pretty much covered the best ones based on customer satisfaction. Rion makes a great starter greenhouse and with it's modular design you can just keep growing it until you run out of back yard or property!

Good Luck!

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They're extremely beautiful and anything would grow well in them :)

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