Rivet Gun Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A rivet gun is a handy little power tool, great for driing in rivet fastenings. The five best pop rivet guns reviewed and compared.

A rivet gun is a small hand tool designed for the purpose of driving in different types of rivets. In effect they're a fastening tool, generally used to fasten two sheets of plastic or thin steel together by way of using rivet nuts.

Largely an inexpensive tool, you buy buy them as pneumatic models or as a simple yet sturdy manually operated hand tool. They also come in kit form - you buy buy the rivet pop gun, a variety of different sized rivets and the tools you need to swap between sizes.

Kits are often good value for money and the better buy for those new to what pop riveting is and does. Featured below are the five best rivet nut guns. There's all best selling hand tools, well rated and the best of what's available on the market.

Stanley MR100CG Contractor Grade Riveter

This is the best selling rivet gun that's a manual model, and it comes from Stanley Tools. It's for using with a fair range of both steel and aluminum rivets and the tool itself is pretty easy to operate and performs well enough without the sweat and grit you get with similar tools.

It's a solid metal construction, well up to regular use and it doesn't seem to mind being knocked about. One reviewer said he'd used it as a hammer - something I didn't test it out for as I have enough hammers lying around not to expect this one to knock a few nails in. Overall it looks and feels as though every cent of the price tag is contained within it and if you've a need for a pro quality steel riveter, you won't go far wrong with this one.

Stanley MR100CG Contractor Grade Riveter

MR100CG Features: -Provides dynamic pressure to lock blind rivets securely with minimal effort.-For use with rivets, all diameters, 3/32'', 1/8'', 5/32'' and 3/16'', in all meta...

$35.38  $23.99

Plastic Rivet Hand Riveter w/ 40 Rivets

This is the best plastic rivet gun. I found that it works with just about any type of plastic rivet nuts and it sets the rivets with a satisfying pressure that's easy to apply and allows you to move along the job quickly enough. For a plastic riveter it's well made and the design seems to work well with metal and/or painted surfaces.

It's a one hand operation, good for when you need a hand free to steady yourself or the work and you'll find that the size and shape allows you to access some of the more awkward spots - handy when you're working on auto repairs. This one comes with a decent enough starter pack of rivets, enough to get you going and in the event there isn't enough, you can always buy the size you need easily enough. Good quality, not many like it about.

Plastic Rivet Setter w/ 40 Rivets

Set all sizes of rivets perfectly in a single stroke without removing the nosepiece Ergonomically designed for one-handed - Visit Harbor Freight Tools For More Information.

Only $24.49

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-5842 1/4" Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter

This best selling rivet gun is a big favorite in the auto industry and the reason why is because it's sturdy, versatile and reliable. It's the must-have tool when it comes to installing a window regulator and it's unlikely you won't find one of these in an auto repair shop.

It's incredibly simple to operate and you'll find that the effort required to pop the rivet is a lot less than you'd expect. The design removes the need for some serious squeezing, which is sometimes required when it comes to using rivets as fasteners. Long handles, works with a variety of different steel rivets, easy to use - handy tool.

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-5842 1/4" Heavy-Duty Hand Riveter

Extra long handles provide excellent levedrage (20.75" overall length with 2.25" nose). Includes 5 nosepieces to set 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", and 1/4" steel and aluminum rivets.

$53.37  $53.35

Malco 2-In-1 Hand Riveter

This is a nice little hand rivet gun, great for small spaces and awkward areas. It's a fully adjustable riveter, extremely durable, well made and you'll find it's the one you're using years down the line.

There's a little more effort involved when using it, partly the handle length but it won't make you sweat as it's still a one handed operation, and you really can get the tool and your hand into some surprisingly tight spots. It works with a range of rivets, you get to store the nose-pieces in the handle and there's a nice ratchet action for the bigger stuff. Solid hand tool, gives a good grip, effective and reliable for the long term.

Malco 2-In-1 Hand Riveter

One hand operation with normal squeezing action provides enough pulling power to set all popular size rivets. 2-in-1 adjustment features a single long stroke for most hand rivet...

$104.47  $96.99

Astro Pneumatic 1441 Professional Rivet Nut Tool Kit - Metric

This is the best pneumatic rivet gun - plus it's a a fairly comprehensive all-round rivet set. You get a whole range of steel and aluminum rivets and the riveting tool comes for a set of four different nose-pieces.

The mandrel is set up for quick changes, though unless you're perpetually swapping through sizes you won't necessarily feel the benefit. The rivet gun itself is pretty durable, well made with a good enough pair of comfort grip handles. The whole kit comes housed inside a sturdy made-for-purpose case, everything gets it's own storage spot and overall it's a good value for money product. Professional grade tool, user friendly and built to last.

Astro Pneumatic 1441 Professional Rivet Nut Tool Kit - Metric

Includes Professional Hand Rivet Nut tool, 4 interchangeable nosepieces Quick change mandrel, One adjustment set for repeated use, Includes 75 assorted rivets, Blow molded case,...

Only $15.45
Updated: 06/21/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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