Robots Saving Human Lives

by edstorm

Robots are used fora variety of applications, whether it's exploring the outer reaches of space where humans dare not tread, or performing incredibly precise surgical procedures.

There’s an eternal fascination with the science of robotics. Intelligent machines have long been in use in the manufacturing process; humanoid robots have graced the pages of celebrated sci-fi novels and many of Hollywood’s hit movies would have paled in significance without robots as part of a cast of characters.

There’s far more to robots than the power, punch and indestructibility of Robocop or Terminator. Industrial engineers together with specialists from a host of other disciplines are hard at work conceptualising sophisticated machine design capable of extravagant artificial intelligence.

These extraordinary machines are capable of saving lives through intricate robotic surgery, as robotic soldiers and as mechanical stooges tasked to do the jobs we as humans simply will not or cannot do ourselves.

Surgical Robots

Surgical RobotRobotic surgery optimises the positive results of surgical procedures by enabling the surgeon to control the tools of his trade with absolute precision. This can be done via remote manipulation or computer controlled systems.

A surgeon no longer has to be at your bedside to perform intricate surgery. He or she simply performs the usual actions associated with the task at hand on a telemanipulator which prompts a robotic arm to carry out exactly the same life saving actions!

Benefits include smaller incisions, faster patient recovery times, the improved control of surgical implements and no human error caused by slips or hand tremors. It also enables continuous high quality surgery 24/7 by simply rotating surgical teams.

Da Vinci Surgical Robot Peeling a Grape

Robotic Warriors

A PackbotUnmanned drones and advanced missile systems with the capabilities to seek and destroy incoming projectiles are already in use in our warlike world.

The Packbot, a remote controlled mini robot, can identify a bomb at 46 metres and detonate and defuse it. An all-new version, the Marcbot, is a mechanical spy that can peek through windows and doors and transmit visuals back to HQ with its video camera.

The hawks in the Pentagon are however intent on creating fully operational armed robotic warriors capable of taking on enemies, and winning, in the heat of battle.

These ‘full service bots’ must have the capacity to move swiftly into dangerous situations and carry out a multitude of complex tasks so as to successfully complete a mission. The end goal is to create an army of unmanned machines that are able to function without any human interference at all.

These robots will in effect become the world’s first ‘killer robots’ capable of carrying out their own kills with absolutely no human input in the decision making process - now that’s a scary thought!

Meet the MULE Robotic Warrior

Bots for Dirty Dangerous Jobs

Curiosity RoverThen there’s an entire assembly of robots that have been designed to do the dirty and dangerous jobs on our behalf. Space and volcanic probes explore planets and live volcanoes, sending back vital information as they progress; domestic robots carry out boring household chores and there are even purpose built robots that act as sewer rats to identify and fix pipe blockages. All hail the robot!

Curiosity Rover Animation
Updated: 04/25/2013, edstorm
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