Rolling Measuring Wheel Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A measuring wheel is great for distance measuring. Either digital or manual, the five best rolling tape measures reviewed.

The measuring wheel is a tool that comes under many names - trundle wheel, clickwheel, surveyors wheel and more. In essence it was designed for measuring surfaces and assuming (from the results) a best guess or nearest to estimation.

That aside, they're handy when you need to get an idea of acreage, room sizes related to realty estimations and are often seen in the hands of road workers and surveyors. For what they are and what they do, they're much like a tape measure - a great measuring device.

There are a variety of distance wheels on the market, some are standard models, others digital and designed around returning more accurate results. The five best rolling tape measures are featured below - the best selling, best value for money and the best type according to its price and use.

Rolatape MM-12 Measure Master

The best measuring wheel is the Rolatape. Rated five stars by surveyors, farmers and realty professionals, it works well on any surface and delivers a fairly accurate distance/size estimate. It's a good solid construction without feeling like a dead weight and will happily work in any weather conditions, indoors or out.

It's a US manufacture, the handle is telescopic and the wheel a compact 12"/1ft in diameter - which means it will fit in a tool box or live happily in the trunk of a car. It measures in feet and inches and whether you're a home owner or professional, it will do exactly what you need it to do. Mid-range price in the rolling measuring device category - and definitely the best.

Rolatape MM-12 Measure Master

Measures in feet and inches; 1 foot circumference wheel; Limit 10,000 feet; 5 digit type w/push button reset; 3-piece telescoping aluminum handle

Only $102.49

Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel by Keson

This is the best heavy duty measuring wheel and built to stand up to a hard days work. The counter is magnified to make read outs a lot easier and the handle adjusts in order to allow for easier storage and/or personal comfort. Manufactured out on impact resistant ABS. Will work well on rough terrain and retains its accuracy for estimation purposes.

The robust molded wheel is 3ft in diameter and it will measure out the best part of two miles before a reset's required. Great for surveying (amateur or pro), garden layout and design, fencing boundaries, home remodeling and more. Currently offered at a rather impressive discount and definitely one to buy if you intend to use it on a regular basis.

Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel

Best-selling Keson Road Runner measuring wheel measures 9999 feet, 11 inches - that's almost two miles - without resetting, making this measuring wheel ideal for long-distance o...

Only $73.4

1000' Measure Wheel (BOX)

This is the cheapest measuring wheel so don't expect it to outperform it's competitors in terms of accuracy and usability. It's as entry level as it gets and it does have some pretty poor reviews. That said - it will suit someone that needs a wheel for occasional use. No point parting with 50 bucks if you're only going to use it now and again.

The wheel will measure a thousand feet fairly well and can cope with bumpy terrain. It doesn't have any special features but you're not paying for them either. This is a basic, straight forward measuring device that will do a decent job around the yard. For the price, and for occasional use, it's worth it. And if you want more from a wheel, this is not it. It you want a Porsche, don't buy a Prius.

1000' Measure Wheel (BOX)

1,000 Foot Measuring Wheel

Only $39.99

Black Rhino 00282 12-Inch Pro Roller

This is the best ergonomic measuring wheel and it does provide a comforting grip and posture. It will measure up to 9999 ft before it needs a resent and the handle includes a brake facility and the reset button. It will fold down when not required and can be stored in a bag that comes included in the price.

It's pretty accurate over long and short distances and doesn't weigh an uncomfortable amount. The ergonomic design is good for what it is - especially if you've got a troublesome back issue - the reset button being on the handle is a big help. Overall, solid, does its job and will work well over none rough terrain - best for road surfaces and other hard ground.

Stanley 77-195 DMW40 12" Digital Measuring Wheel in Feet/Inches Feet/Tenths and Meters/Decimeters

This one is the best digital measuring wheel and coming from Stanley, it's a fine all round tool. The wheel diameter is 12" and it can do almost one thousand feet before resetting. The digital measuring automatically converts and the read out is sited on the handle. The wheel itself is manufactured from aluminum and the handle folds for easy storage.

In the hand, it feels reliable and robust and the digital readout is a breeze to read and use. It's lightweight enough yet can tackle rougher terrain without issue and the kickstand works without getting in the way when you don't need it. Gave an accurate measurement and overall performed well. Relatively cheap for a digital distance wheel, plus it's a Stanley and they're known for their quality products and great customer service focus.

Updated: 06/25/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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