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A router table is a regular feature in any woodworkers toolshop. The five best router tables reviewed and compared.

Usually found in the woodworkers work environment, a router table is right up there with a portable workbench when it comes to the most used/useful tool in the workshop. You can purchase them in three types - bench top, insert and stand alone table.

Router tables allow the user to work fluidly, with precision and confidence, which promotes quality finishes to whatever is being worked on. They speed up turn-around time by removing some of the more labor intensive aspects of working with wood the old fashioned way - and if you're serious about woodworking, you won't get far without needing to use one.

The five best discount router tables are featured below. All are high on quality, top rated products and popular with both the home improvement enthusiast and professionals alike.

BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

This is the best selling bench top router table and it will easily fit to any bench. You get an ample work area - 27 x 18", plus there's a range of user friendly features that make this a great choice when it comes to the best bang for your buck. There's an aluminum mounting plate and fence, 3 x insert rings, a guard and starter pin and much more.

It handles stock well enough, nothing about it feels unstable or unreliable and it's all set to work with a variety of different router makes and models. The stock comes through clean cut which benefits the finished look, which is part due to the feather-boards - good quality and add the required stability. In all this is a top table, well made, well designed and currently sold at a discount that's big enough to make it well worth the investment.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table provides a premium large work surface for woodworking and routing. Designed to fit a variety of routers and able to mount on any workbench...

Only $239.0

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

The is the top selling Bench Dog router table and it has a near perfect five star rating from other previous. It's good quality overall, offering a good solution to those with a small home workshop. The work area is 22 by 16" and the bench top will work with a broad range of routers. It comes with adjustable aluminum mitre track, a laminated surface that won't damage stock and when running lumbar through it's definitely a smooth, steady process.

The table includes the cabinet - wood as opposed to plastic, a dust port, fence, guard and all the hardware required for assembly/set-up. Putting it together was simple - good easy-to-follow instructions, well packaged and it's surprisingly easy to move around due to its weight - 40lbs. Great quality, produces high-end results and worth the initial investment.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

Includes ProTop Contractor Router Table - 40-001


Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

This is a Kreg router table - and one for the serious wood worker. We're talking industrial standard manufacture with this one - and the price wholly reflects the quality and workmanship that goes into the build and design. You get reduced vibration from the router, the table top is designed to ensure that you get a precision cut automatically due to the auto-adjusting squaring.

The fence is a full aluminum construction, the top is made from highest quality MDF to promote a smooth sliding action of the stock, and of course there's absolutely no marring - ever. It will hold any router, and it's set up to easily mount your router of choice. The base is heavy gauge steel, solid and supremely stable - what more can I say? Awesome table - produces equally awesome results and is the best router top you'll get for 500 bucks. A highly recommended investment.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System is set to make a real name for itself in the industry. Includes a series of ground-breaking new features, including the innovative sel...


Wolfcraft 6146-404 Router Table 490

This is the best cheap router table for sale and is an entry level model - good for those looking to buy their first table or for hobbies and home light to moderate home improvements. You're not paying top dollar for this one and you're not getting top dollar quality but what you do get is a nicely put together example - in other words good value for money.

The table surface provides a nice smooth sliding action for stock, you can square up and mount a variety of routers to the pre-formed adapter plate. It's sturdy, no obvious signs of play when you're working with it, there's plenty of markings which is a bonus re measurements and precise cuts. It includes a fence, miter board, dust collection, a metal track and much more. Lots of features, low on price - probably the best bang for your buck in comparison to the other featured products. 

Wolfcraft 6146404-404 Router Table 490

490 router table is easy-to-use, universal adapter plate for mounting router. Hi Viz white MDF surface (31.5" x 18") 567 sq. in. 14" steel legs for greater stability. Dual elect...


Skil 3100-12 X-Bench Workstation

This is the best portable router table - though in truth it's actually a work station that you can sue in conjunction with a router. In fact - you can use the table with a whole range of power tools, which affords an awful lot of flexibility overall. It's a solid construction yet surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport. The table top is manufacture from good quality MDF and provides an ample 53 x 23" of work space.

There's a universal steel plate that you insert in order to mount different power tools. The range or measurements marked out on the top are accurate and aid precision, the feet and legs are adjustable and deliver a good, stable working surface. In short it provides everything you need to use a router - plus it's versatile across the board. A great, user friendly work station - portable, well made and at just over 100 bucks, worth every penny.

Skil 3100-12 X-Bench Workstation

The X Bench offers an innovative cut channel that allows quick and easy cutting of material. The table collapses and folds in half for ease of transportation and storage. The ex...

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