Rubber Chicken Handbag

by sheilamarie

Looking for a humorous gift for the woman who has everything? This rubber chicken handbag -- or rather, henbag -- is a pocketbook with a difference!

Truly a handbag that makes a statement (but what kind of statement?), the rubber chicken handbag is durable and distinctive.

Made of high quality rubber, your purse items will be kept safe on a rainy day. And you will certainly turn heads when you bring along this gem.

The rubber chicken henbag makes a fun gift for a woman with a sense of humor!

Rubber Handbag Causes a Sensation!

Those who have carried this handbag -- or henbag -- have reported that they've received a smile everywhere they went.

These women couldn't help but smile when carrying the rubber chicken henbag, either.

Could this rubber chicken henbag be the key to happiness?

The Rubber Chicken Handbag Makes a Great Gag Gift

Silly Chicken Shoulder Bag

If you know a woman with an important birthday looming and you're stumped for a present, this rubber chicken handbag could be your solution. Of course, this is assuming your friend has a good sense of humor and she hasn't expressed a need or desire for something else.

So often when faced with a birthday -- especially a birthday that ends in "0" -- we want to give something, even when we've been told "no presents." This chicken bag, known as a "henbag," can be filled with special creams and lotions or treats she would appreciate, so you can get the laugh yet still give something that shows you care.

The bag comes in two different sizes -- 10" x 7.5" and 12" x 8". It is made from a durable rubber material with nylon handles and a nylon bottom..

You can also get a change purse in the same rubber chicken style, though some people have reported that the opening is too small to be practical. I suppose if you have very small fingers or if you don't mind tipping the purse upside down to get your coins, then the change purse would be a fun addition.

Would You Mind Being Seen Carrying the Rubber Chicken Henbag?

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Of course, it's just my style!
evelynsaenz on 01/03/2014

There are certainly days when carrying a Rubber Chicken Henbag would be lots of fun. Imagine all the comments one would receive. What fun!

Genuine Cowhide Leather Handmade Handbag

Flame Red Color

Flame Red Chicken Shape, Genuine Cowhide Leather Shoulder Bag, Hand-made & Unique.





If you like chickens but don't really like the idea of rubber handbags, here's a leather option for you. A flaming red chicken designed and crafted by hand. Bright colors on a cowhide handbag will make this a bag you'll enjoy clucking about.

Chicken Coin Purses


Rubber Chick (Chicken) Coin Purse Pouch / Case / Wallet with Zipper


The opening is rather small on this purse, which makes it not the most practical of coin purses. However, you can turn it upside down to shake the coins out.

I originally included a coin purse in this spot that was identical to the henbag, but this chick one is even cuter, especially as you can imagine the relationship that could develop between the two bags.

I'm left wondering, though -- what about the egg? Don't chicks hatch from an egg laid by the hen first? Yet this little cutie is just sitting fully formed inside the hen, waiting for you to retrieve it. This could get confusing.


Flame Red Chicken Shape, Genuine Cowhide Leather Coin/change Purse, Hand-made & Unique.




Has a handy wrist strap so you can carry it along. The purse closes with a small magnet.

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What Do You Think?

So how about it? What thoughts come to your mind when you see this handbag -- I mean henbag? 

Is there any chance you would use one?

Is there any chance you'd give one as a gift?

Can you think of any appropriate names for your henbag?

Is carrying one on a trip to town any weirder than dying your hair purple or wearing tattered jeans or a tongue ring?

Is weirdness less acceptable when your hair turns gray?

Hey, I like these questions. Why waste them on my own private musings? I think I'll add a poll so you can add your own answers to these questions. So here goes . . .

Carrying a Henbag -- How Weird Is It?

Handbags from eBay

In Case the Henbag Is Just Not Your Style
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ologsinquito on 08/25/2014

A rubber chicken handbag is too funny. :) It would make a perfect gift for the right person.

sheilamarie on 01/04/2014

I got one for my sister who is an elementary school teacher and she loves it!

evelynsaenz on 01/03/2014

What fun it would be to have a chicken handbag!

sheilamarie on 11/14/2012

Some people like "different." "Quirky" would be another description.

diksy83 on 11/13/2012

Hi Shelamarie,

Actually the bag is nice when wearing if you go shopping in the market, but when you go into a big city it is kind of 'different', but it is a fun bag though and def. a nice gift.

thanks for sharing


sheilamarie on 11/09/2012

My sister sure had a laugh when I gave her one! I'm glad you enjoyed them, too.

diksy83 on 11/09/2012

Hi sheilamarie, I was just scrolling down on the internet until I bump up on your article. I found the handmade chicken bags very funny and really cool to give as a gift to my family. I like the coin purses, lol.


sheilamarie on 09/11/2012

I hope so, Katie. I recently gave the rubber one to a special sister and it was a big hit. Yes, we are a quirky family.

katiem2 on 09/06/2012

These rubber chicken bags both funny and serious are really cool. I like the red one. This will be a popular gift for the animal, chicken, lover. :)K

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