S.T.E.M. Learning Resources: Computers

by blackspanielgallery

Early learning of S.T.E.M. is possible, and computer studies is no exception. Resources are available for early computer coding and logic circuits, at age appropriate levels.

S.T.E.M. learning resources exist for assistance is helping a young student develop an interest in computers. In fact, some resources can be used for very young children.

Computer positions are plentiful, and there is little to suggest the number of opportunities will increase. If there will continue to be enough skilled workers in the field, there must be a constant supply of interested people. If that interest is developed early, it might just take root.

Computer science is not one of the studies of nature, so the interest might need to develop following an exposure to the subject. That exposure must be interesting, and it must easy to master. This is possible with the proper resources.

Whether a young person is in a classroom, or being homeschooled, supporting any computer class is possible, and even supplementing whatever studies are formally provided can be made interesting. In fact, even if the topic is not brought up in a classroom, it can still be addressed with interesting resources. The first step in an interest in a future field can be as simple as a pleasant exposure to that field.

Computers Have Multiple Facets

Computers have both hardware and software, and both parts form a whole.  Either part of computer studies can be undertaken at an early age.

Make It Fun

Point out what can be done with a computer skill.  Perhaps pointing out computer skills are needed to program video games, and people can work at game creation.  Or, perhaps robotics is a stimulus of an interest.  These are just a few paths a computer study can go, but they are among the most likely in grabbing the interest of a student.


Get the Big Picture

Charts can help a student learn the basics, and this can be done without making any calculations.  Before going into the subject, it is wise to know the basics, and how the parts interconnect. 

Writing Code

Writing code is possible for young students.  They can easily grasp the concepts.  But it is not a wise move to buy a computer coding book until after an interest is tested, and the aptitude seems to be there.  Start with an educational resource aimed at coding skills.


Make it interesting by incorporating another interest, something the child already has a desire to learn.  This will make the acceptance of coding more palatable to the child.


Some products are appropriate for one age, others are best for another.  It is important to not go too deep for very young children, or too basic for older children.  Check the age appropriate range of the products you choose.

Understanding the Circuits

How Do Circuits Function?

Writing code is one aspect of computer science, but what is really happening in the circuits as a result of that code?  Understanding basic circuits is a good place to start, especially if those circuits have logic operations that correspond to the code commands.  Circuit resources with plug in parts are easily managed, and such resources can be found.

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blackspanielgallery on 04/01/2019

I heard of this on a morning television show. I was not paying attention in the beginning, so I cannot identify the source.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/01/2019

blackspanielgallery, I heard two people talking about the study a couple of years ago. They knew about it when they were in their 20s, about 20 years ago therefore since they looked to be in their 40s. Something at the time, though I don't know what, made me think that the study was associated with one of the Southern States' universities, such as Duke or Longwood. It was one of those situations of accidentally overhearing a conversation that had information that's quite interesting. They weren't acquaintances of mine, but they sounded as if they knew what they were talking about.

blackspanielgallery on 03/05/2019

Two years old seems young, I would expect reading skills be required. As for relationships between workers, etc., I am not aware of any such study. If you find one it could make an interesting article.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/05/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products. An area preschool advertises computer and Spanish classes for two-year-olds. How young do you think is old enough for learning computers?
In another direction, have you ever come across a study from the last quarter perhaps of the 20th century suggesting something about computer usage frustrating peer relationships less than hierarchical relationships, such as between employer and employee and parent and child?

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