Salt and Pepper Shakers for Thanksgiving

by jptanabe

Thanksgiving is a great holiday that's about food so surely it needs decorative salt and pepper shakers to set the scene.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday - it's all about food and sharing it with family and friends! Originally Thanksgiving was a harvest festival in which thanks was offered to God for the bountiful harvest that would provide food through the winter. In the United States it is also connected to the early Pilgrims who (so the story goes) shared their meal with the Native Americans who had taught them about native food sources and thus allowed the Pilgrims to survive. Wild turkeys were surely part of the native food supply, and so turkeys have an important role in contemporary Thanksgiving feasts!

For a holiday that centers on food, surely we need salt and pepper shakers that are not just functional but also decorative. Here is a collection of delightful shakers I found that I'd love to have on my table for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a lot about Food!


Yes, Thanksgiving is celebrated after the harvest, when hopefully there is a great bounty of food.

The centerpiece is the turkey, of course!


Well, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving is turkey so why not have turkey salt and pepper shakers too!

Here are a few attractive birds - they are so colorful. 


We can't forget about the Pilgrims! Even if they didn't really start the tradition of Thanksgiving, since harvest festivals were celebrated by many others, the story of their celebration in which they shared their meal with the Native Americans is memorable.

Pilgrims are always depicted as rather grim, they had a hard life and their religious beliefs didn't encourage a lot of celebration. In fact, they generally prayed and fasted on holidays. But this couple have rather happy smiles - maybe they're anticipating the Thanksgiving feast that's served these days!

Pilgrim Kissing Turkey Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Note the axe behind his back!
Pilgrim Thanksgiving Turkey Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set S/P

Publix commercial with Pilgrim Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Pilgrim shakers are definitely part of the action at this Thanksgiving feast!

Publix Pilgrims!

Get your own Publix Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers.
The Pilgrim Pair, Encore Edition, Animated Salt & Pepper Shakers Se...
Cute Pilgrims!

There are some very cute Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers available.

Check out these couples. The kissing couple are very cute - they look like they are having their first kiss with their hands behind their backs!

The other couple are also happy - what are they thinking!

Bountiful Harvest

Yes, it's all about the food!

Indeed, Thanksgiving is a time when we remember all the things we have to be thankful for. But without a bountiful harvest, represented by the 'Cornucopia" or horn of plenty, it's not so easy to be thankful!

So, for Thanksgiving some items from the harvest inspire decorations as well as the food to be eaten.

Updated: 11/05/2023, jptanabe
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Would these salt and pepper shakers brighten your table this Thanksgiving?

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jptanabe on 08/28/2015

Yes, I'm happy to keep the fall theme going most of the year!

CruiseReady on 08/28/2015

Very nice selection! Not only are they nice tableware for Thanksgiving, but will look pretty in your china cabinet all year long. I like the fall fruit ones the best, as they are suitable for many other days, as well.

jptanabe on 08/27/2015

Almost good enough to eat!

blackspanielgallery on 08/27/2015

I like the cornucopia and the apple and pear sets.

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