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A screwdriver is a basic tool found in any tool bag or chest. A specific hand tool, the five best screwdrivers are reviewed and compared.

A screwdriver is a basic hand tool for any construction of home improvement enthusiast. They come in two types - philips or flat-head. They're also available in a variety of designs - ratchet screwdrivers, electrical screwdrivers, insulated sets and more. Beyond that, there's wide range of sizes, as a driver has to fit the type and size of screw/s in order to apply the torque to either loosen or tighten them.

Similar to a tool kit, a set is often the better value for money, as they tend to run across a broad array of sizes and types and no one screwdriver on it's own will prove flexible enough to be deemed wholly useful.

The five best screwdrivers are featured below. They're all available at the best value for money price and are highly rated by those that already own them. Tried and tested, they're high on quality, design and usability.

Stanley 62-509 8-3/4-Inch Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver with 6 Assorted Bits

This is the best selling mini screwdriver set and comes from Stanley. It includes a full ratcheting driver that both rotates and locks according to need, plus a set of six different different bits. The bit holder is magnetic, which is handy enough when it comes to storage and the driver itself has a comfortable jacket that helps when you're applying torque.

The bits can be stored within the screwdriver handle and the upper shaft and head are of a decent enough quality, rugged and up to a good enough standard for use around the home, plus they're anti-corrosion coated for added longevity. Nice little set, useful enough for general purpose use and set at a price that's hard to resist.

Stanley 62-509 8-3/4-Inch Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver with 6 Assorted Bits

Looking for an all purpose ratchet screwdriver?This Stanley 62-509 6-way Ratchet Screwdriver is perfect for your home or in the garage. This Stanley 62-509 features six intercha...

Only $11.44

Stanley 66-052 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

This is the best seller from the precision screwdriver set category, and another offering from Stanley Tools. It contains the six most regularly used screwdrivers and covers both slotted and philips models. They're all housed in a reasonably good plastic case, easy to extract and replace and they do stay in place.

The screwdrivers themselves are pretty nicely made - the heads are a steel manufacture, the handles comfortable to hold, more so because precision tools are meant for precision work so they're not the meatiest of hand tools to get a grip on. The handles also swivel, making close-up work easier and in all, they get the job done. Decent little set, less than five bucks - steal of a deal.

Stanley 66-052 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

6 Piece, Precision Screwdriver Set, Consists Of: 0 PT Phillips, 1 PT Phillips, 1.4 MM, 2.0 MM, 2.4 MM & 3.0 MM Slotted Screwdrivers.

Only $11.07

Klein 32510 Magnetic Screwdriver with 32-Piece Tamperproof Bit Set

This is the best tamper proof screwdriver set - the one to buy if you own gaming products such as an x-box or PlayStation set up. Games equipment sometimes needs a small home repair and this set will likely save you an expensive repair bill - if you know a bit about electronics.

Half the problem is usually related to getting under the hood and this set of screwdriver bits makes short work or removing the screws that keep the housings in place - without causing external damage. The whole set is magnetic and contains a range of bits that work with most tamper-proof screws. The handle is cushioned, the grip decent enough and you don't feel as though you're about to do any damage when you apply the toque. Well priced - good to have around.

30 Pcs Pocket Precision Screwdriver Bit Set with Tweezer

This is another precision screwdriver collection and where it differs from the previous one featured is the fact that it offers a wider array of bits plus a pair of tweezers - which are handy when it comes to picking up the smallest of screws. The price is still cheap enough to make it worthwhile buying - just under 10 dollars, and it comes in a handy little case.

For the extra dollars this one will cost you get a set of 30 pieces, including the driver handle, and a collection of different small precision bits that will cover a range of applications - electronics, eye-glass repair and so on. The bits are magnetic, making life even easier and the screwdriver handle gives a good enough grip. Good collection, cheap enough and well made overall.

Professional-Grade 1/4" Dr. Torque Screwdriver - 10-50 Inch-Lbs

This is a professional grade screwdriver set and it's up to industry standard all day long. The 20 bits that are included with the set are are chrome vanadium steel, and the screwdriver will take any 1/4" bits or drive sockets - plus they stay in place once slotted into the head.

The shank is nice and long, good for hard to reach stuff, and the handle is jacketed and provides a good grip when you set to work. You can alter the torque by 5in- lb, from 10in-lb up to 50in-lb, or simply lock it to the torque you need for repetitive use. In all, it's well designed, housed in a neat little case and the price tag reflects the quality and standard or its manufacture.

Neiko Pro-Grade 1/4-Inch Drive Torque Screwdriver - 10-50 Inch-Lbs

Back by a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty, Great value from Neiko Pro.

$59.46  $59.0
Updated: 06/24/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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