Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

by AlexandriaIngham

Are you on the lookout for sexy vampire Halloween costume ideas? Here are four great costume ideas for women.

Vampires have become these sexy creatures, whether you dress up as someone from Dracula’s story or you want to take on the look of Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries. However, there tends to be a certain view of vampires when it comes to Halloween. For females, there tends to be the view of the 16th century dress, with the long capes and dark colors.

Here are some great vampire Halloween costume ideas for women, whatever type of vampire you really want to be. And whatever era you want to come from.

Sexy Vampire Fairy Costume

Do you want to mix fairy with vampire? Now is your chance!

Why not mix two types of costumes together? Instead of just being a sexy vampire, you could be a sexy vampire fairy. I love the style of this costume. It isn’t quite the 16th century dress that most people think of, and it even comes with Halloween fairy (or should I say bat) wings!

The corseted style dress is mainly in blood red, with black lace details dotted around. The black lace sleeves add the reminder that you’re supposed to be a fairy with this one of the many vampire Halloween costume ideas. There’s also the bow detail with silver metal points to add to the look.


If the wings and dress weren’t enough, the costume also comes with a black headband that matches the bow detail on the dress. It works great whether you like to keep your hair up or down.

All you need to work with the costume are a pair of sexy black heeled boots and fishnet tights.

Women’s Fang Bangin’ Fun Vamp

What about a modern day vampire look? This minidress costume is for you.

When it comes to sexy vampire Halloween costume ideas, the women’s Fang Bangin’ Fun Vamp costume is one to consider. This has a more of a modern day look, with a sexy black mini dress. The dress has a cute deep red detail at the top, which is shaped in a waved pattern.

There is a pentagram belt that you can add or remove. It will really help to accentuate your waist, and can be worn either way—do you want the upside down pentagram for the effect?

The costume also comes with a choker, removable collar and a cape. You also get a set of vampire fangs, so there’s really no need to buy anything else.

All you’ll need is a pair of knee-high boots to really add to your sexy vampire look.

Vampiress of Versailles

When it comes to the traditional thoughts for vampires, the Vampiress of Versailles is one of the best vampire Halloween costume ideas to choose.

But what if you want to look like a traditional 16th century female vamp? There are plenty of vampire Halloween costume ideas for that, and the Vampiress of Versaille is one of them. This beautiful full-length black dress has a red petticoat to make you look like royalty. There is also bow detail all the way up the chest.

The sleeves have a grey-white lace from the elbows down, and the same lace detail down the sides of the petticoat. It gives the aged-look that screams vampire.

What About Vampire Costumes for Children?

Halloween is supposed to be dark and scary, right? Vampire costumes for kids are always among the most popular costume ideas!
Twilight, Dracula, Monster High, the blood-sucker of legend is never far away. These kids' vampire costumes for Halloween make for the best dressed spook in town.

The pointed collar just adds to the look, giving it the Eastern European style from the time period.

All you’ll need to buy for this dress is a set of vampire teeth. There’s no need to worry about the type of shoes you wear, because the dress reaches the floor!

Dark Rose Costume Dress

Anne Rice had a specific era in mind when it came to vampires, and this is the dress for that era.

What about getting the 19th century/early 20th century look? The Dark Rose Costume Dress is one of the best vampire Halloween costume ideas for you. This is a very simple full-length red dress, with capped sleeves. These sleeves can be worn on the shoulders, or you can choose to wear them off the shoulders to add to the sexy look.


When Did Vampires Become So Sexy?

Vampires are now the sexy creatures in horror movies. But when and how did they become so sexy? They're dead!
The current prevalence of vampires in pop culture isn't exclusive to the modern era. And throughout history, we've not just been frightened by vampires, but also turned on by them.

The bodice has a beautiful black rose in the middle of the chest, and then black detail either side of the center. One thing that I really love about this dress is the ruffled look to the main part of the dress. It has a zipper back, so you may need some help doing it up!

There are lots of vampire Halloween costume ideas out there. These four are among my favorites because they cover so many different eras. If you want the 16th century style dress, the Vampiress of Versailles is the one to choose, but the Fang Bangin’ Fun Vamp is great if you want a more modern day look.

Which one will you choose?

Updated: 10/03/2014, AlexandriaIngham
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